Loving the Sunshine!

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days with lots of sunshine and temps in the 80s. So you know what that means - time to bring out the swimming pool! And when I say bring it out, I really mean run to Target to buy a new one. Because heaven forbid the twins have to use the pool we bought from last year. Actually, I just found this one that had a slide and a waterfall and I thought it was a must-have!

Addie loading up on water before heading outside. Please take a moment and notice how beautiful/precious/adorable my princess looks in her tutu swimsuit!

Austin in his shirt and board shorts - he's not quite as interested in posing as Addie was.

I know I'm biased but seriously....she's beautiful!

Racing to see who can get out the pool first! Pretty sure Austin is going to win - Addie is still in modeling mode.

The A-Team chatted for about 5 minutes to figure out how to make it into the pool. They tried lifting the legs over and falling in - unfortunately they are still a little vertically challenged and needed Daddy's help.

Austin focusing on his big dismount from the slide!

Addie decided instead of sliding, she would much rather plunge forward.

Her plunge ended in the Epic Faceplant of 2011. Glad John was right there to pick her back up! She was laughing and ready to slide again!

We thank God for these perfect, lazy Saturdays where we can just hang out with our family and enjoy time together. These moments make parenthood so worth it!