Meeting R&Q

Austin and Addie attended their very first sip and see to meet some fabulous twins, Ryan and Quinn. R&Q are about 4 months younger than the A-Team and belong to dear friends, Matt and Meagan. While I envisioned Austin and Addie running over to Ryan and Quinn and showering them with love, they were more interested in heading outside to play with the dogs. Addie only really stopped to look at Ryan when I was getting in some great snuggle time with him (Ryan is the best snuggle bunny in the world!!) Oh well. At least we did get a cute pic of the parents and the twins!

I was amazed how many other sets of twins were at this party. It's amazing! Austin was particularly drawn to an older set of twins - they were 6. I really think he just likes to chase older kids around!

Meagan and I talk quite a bit on Facebook and I've heard so much about them so it was awesome to finally meet these special twins in person! And it was great to see Matt and Meagan. Last time we met for dinner, both sets of twins were still baking! The Rosies are looking forward to the next time we get to see the Clanahans!