Happy Birthday Lilly Grace!

This past weekend we headed to Round Rock to celebrate Lilly Grace's 1st birthday!! Addie was very excited to hang out with her BFF and Austin was in just in awe of how cute his future wife is! It was a lot of fun to see girls that I grew up with and spend time with all of our kids together. I've known JaNae, Megan and Leah for 30 years - pretty cool and makes me feel a little old too!

It was a little windy outside - as evidenced by the hair in the face. But fun getting a pic with us and all of our kiddos!

Austin spending some quality time with Lilly.

Parker and Austin discussing who REALLY gets to marry Lilly when they grow up! Or maybe they are discussing less important matters like what flavor of juice box to try next.

Daddy and Austin in matching outfits. Cheesy yes but definitely cute!!

Addie and me taking a break from playing outside.

JaNae, Me and our babies!

Addie playing with her juice box

Playing in the car. With the amount of time they spent in this thing, I think it's a subtle hint that they want one.

Playing on the tire swing with Daddy

Addie hanging in the swing after a long afternoon of playing!

Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Lilly Grace. We have loved watching you grow this past year!!