Happy Easter!

"Why do you seek the living One among the dead? "He is not here, but He has risen."

After a great service at church, we headed to Jason and Ashley's house for an amazing Easter brunch! It was fun to get together with John's family and let the kids do an Easter egg hunt (Austin and Addie kind of got it this year!).

Before church...

Addie playing with her cousin's car...

An unsuccessful attempt to get all the kids smiling and looking the same direction for a pic (and for some reason we're missing Wyatt!)

John and Jason's handiwork in hiding Easter eggs...

 The kids patiently waiting to start the egg madness!

Austin and Addie taking a break to play with their eggs.

A second, still unsuccessful attempt to get the kids to all smile, looking the same direction (at least we've got Wyatt in this one!)

Still playing with their eggs. This was pretty much their position for the rest of the afternoon.

One pooped baby after an afternoon of fun!

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to Corey!