More Fun in Round Rock

We continued our busy weekend with some swimming in the pool and visiting my grandma. Austin and Addie are HUGE water fans and thought it was fun to throw themselves under the water. Good thing John and I were close by to pick them right back up since it's a little deeper than the bathtub!

John and I are so happy that we have kids that love the water and look forward to lots of pool time this summer!!

We went up to the nursing home to visit with my Grandma. Since it was pretty outside, we went out into the courtyard. We tried to get Austin and Addie to sit and smile on the rock - Addie most definitely had other plans!

At least Austin cooperated in a picture!

Grandma Mary and grandkids!

For dinner that night, we headed to Megan and Michael's house. Austin and Addie LOVED playing with Parker! He's about 5 months older so he was showing them the ropes.

Everyone had fun playing under one of the side tables. Of course there are a million toys there but this was much more fun! :)

Although it was a whirl-wind and packed weekend, we had a blast. Definitely looking forward to catching up on some sleep!!