Addie Officially Becomes the Princess

Now that we know we're having 2 boys, Addie officially takes her throne as Princess of the Rosenbaum Castle. I don't know if she gets the significance of this yet, but I'm sure she'll take full advantage in a couple of years!!

Our sonogram went really well. Both babies are growing and look healthy. Right now they are about 5 oz each. They are completely stretched out, instead of being all folded up like all the baby books show. Guess they are taking full advantage of actually having some space before they get too smooshed in there!

Baby A:

Baby B...

We're so excited to welcome these boys into our clan!


Bring it On!

Austin and Addie are proud to annouce that they are going to be a big brother and big sister in late October! John and I are expecting 2 boys - that's right - another set of twins! We are so excited and can't wait to see what God has planned for us. We know it will involve a lot of craziness and a whole lot of love!

My due date is November 4th but the boys will be here a little earlier than that. Hopefully I'll be out of the hospital for Halloween because I'm already planning Austin and Addie's outfits! :) So far this pregnancy has been a lot different than last time. Around 14 weeks last time, I magically got rid of all nausea and fatigue. This time I've just recently stopped feeling nauseous and have yet to feel like doing anything but laying down and sleeping. Obviously this time is a little harder because I can't just lounge on the couch all day - I have two crazy 15 month olds to chase! I'm usually ready to crawl into bed by 8:00 if not earlier and I'm still taking a nap a day. Food is not my friend either - it's been a pain to find anything that I want to eat!!

But even if this pregnancy has been more difficult than last time, I am still SO excited and blessed to be pregnant. And especially to be pregnant with twins!! I can't wait to meet our sweet little boys in October!


Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

John had a company trip to a resort in Horseshoe Bay so my parents watched the kids for us. Although I missed them like crazy, I think they had enough fun that they weren't even thinking about us!

Some pics from the weekend:

Addie doing her biggest cheese smile...

Not so interested in the petting zoo...

Austin liked petting the turtle!

Digging out in Grandma and Grandpa's garden...

Addie trying to eat a bell pepper from the garden...

Addie eating yogurt...

Austin enjoying a popsicle...

Addie eating her popsicle...

Austin eating icing (although I'm not sure how much actually ended up in his mouth!)

Playing in the nursery..


We're 15 Months Old!!!

Holy moly - John and I are now the proud parents of full-on toddlers that get into everything, want to explore everywhere and will mimic anything we do. This age has been a lot of fun. Every day I feel like Austin and Addie pick up some new skill. It may be as simple as learning to stack things or a little harder like using a spoon to eat (we've almost got that one down). They are both so talkative (mostly babble) and are getting really good about repeating words - or what sounds like words. Most recently they have picked up their own version of thank you. They like to have you hand them stuff so they can say thank you! Because they are so into everything, getting pictures with the sock monkeys where they are both looking at the camera is next to impossible. So this is what we got!
Austin not so excited to sit still....

Their backsides...whatever - they stayed still for a minute..

Both at least facing forward...

Austin tackling Addie...

As far as eating, the A-Team still eats 3 meals a day with 2 snacks. We're still giving Addie Pediasure in the morning so she can gain some weight. Her cheeks are getting bigger so it's hopefully working! They pretty much eat whatever we're eating and don't seem to have any huge food aversions. We are working on using our spoons and forks. Sometimes they actually use them like utensils (yay), sometimes they are used as launching devices (boo) and other times they use them to scoop up the food into their other hand (whatever - it's close).

At night, Austin and Addie typically go to sleep between 6:30 and 7:00 and wake up around 7:00. Naps are a little more up in the air. They both still take really good afternoon naps. Austin takes a morning nap for about an hour and Addie may or may not join him. When they are at daycare, naps are more in the 45 minute range - there is just too much other stuff to do!

Austin, you are a crazy man. Just in the past couple of months, you have become our rambunctious child. You think it's fun to throw things, bang things against the wall just to see how loud it is and run around yelling at the top of your lungs. One of your favorite new skills is climbing on the couch and jumping. You don't really care if anyone is there to catch you - I think you just like crashing to the floor! You think everything is funny and have the most infectious laugh, until it's bedtime and you are extremely quick to let us know you are ready!

You like to give your sister "hugs," which usually involve you tackling her. Addie hasn't really decided if she likes being the recipient of your love. You like to share which is definitely sweet. You are my wonderfully perfect and big-hearted little boy! I love watching you grow!

Your 15 month stats:
Weight: 20 lbs, 8 oz (10th percentile), Height: 30.3 inches (50th percentile), Head: 18.5 inches (75th percentile)

Playing at the park...

Cheering on your Aggies...

Bathtime!!! Still of of your fave playtimes...

Getting ready to jump...on top of Addie of course

Addie, you are such an amazing little girl. I love watching you take the world in with those big blues. You have your wild moments where you run around screaming with your brother but lately you seem more content to sit back and figure things out. You like to color and stack things. You like hugging your stuffed animals and blowing kisses. In the last month or so, you've become very touchy-feely and like to lean against me or sit in my lap while you play. Of course I LOVE this!!! I love watching your mind work and explore everything around you my sweet little Addie!

Your 15 month stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 2 oz (less than 3% - Dr. G likes to call it the Addie scale), Height: 29 inches (25th percentile), Head: 17.5 inches (25th percentile)

Getting ready to tackle the slide!

Cheering on the Ags!

Playing with our bath crayons...

Lounging while Austin runs around like a crazy man...


Going for a walk...

Playing together at La Hacienda...

Climbing all over the couch...

Still playing on the couch (a new playspot!!)

We love you Austin and Addison. We are so proud to be your parents and that we get to watch you grow!



One of the nice things about John working from home some days is that we can take a family lunch break and run to the Grayhawk pool. I really like our pool because it has a separate little kid area that isn't too deep. Austin and Addie love to be able to splash around and jump off the ledge onto Daddy.

Addie ready to leap!

Addie clapping for Austin after he jumped off the step.

Austin the splash monster

Austin and Addie playing with Daddy

Addie thinking about jumping

Post-pool we had two very pooped kids!

Good for us because it was back to the grind! So glad we got to take a little time off from our work day and play!


Moving On

May 2nd will always be a "cursed" day in my family. It is the day that my dad had a heart attack, the day my mom had surgery to remove her cancer, the day that my grandpa died. And now it is also the day that we say goodbye to an amazing woman, John's grandmother.

Grandmother Mary lived a great life for 95 years. Although those of us left behind are sad and will miss her, we rejoice because we know she is dancing with Jesus on those streets of gold and has been reunited with her husband.

John and I are so glad that the Austin and Addie were able to meet their great-grandmother and celebrate their first birthday with her. I realize Austin is screaming in the picture above but I love it. :)

Grandmother will be remembered for her love of family, leading everyone in songs with jingle bells at Christmas, her love of ice cream and her spunkiness. I can only pray that I'm as fabulous if I make it to 95!

Grandmother, you will definitely be missed but we know that because of God's sacrifice, we will see you again!