Bring it On!

Austin and Addie are proud to annouce that they are going to be a big brother and big sister in late October! John and I are expecting 2 boys - that's right - another set of twins! We are so excited and can't wait to see what God has planned for us. We know it will involve a lot of craziness and a whole lot of love!

My due date is November 4th but the boys will be here a little earlier than that. Hopefully I'll be out of the hospital for Halloween because I'm already planning Austin and Addie's outfits! :) So far this pregnancy has been a lot different than last time. Around 14 weeks last time, I magically got rid of all nausea and fatigue. This time I've just recently stopped feeling nauseous and have yet to feel like doing anything but laying down and sleeping. Obviously this time is a little harder because I can't just lounge on the couch all day - I have two crazy 15 month olds to chase! I'm usually ready to crawl into bed by 8:00 if not earlier and I'm still taking a nap a day. Food is not my friend either - it's been a pain to find anything that I want to eat!!

But even if this pregnancy has been more difficult than last time, I am still SO excited and blessed to be pregnant. And especially to be pregnant with twins!! I can't wait to meet our sweet little boys in October!