We Love Raspberries!!

Austin and Addie have discovered the best way to eat raspberries. First, stick them on your fingers, play with them, then eat! This was one of my fave ways to eat black olives when I was little. A little messier but a lot more fun than actually using silverware!


First Haircuts

It was finally time to get Austin and Addie's haircut. Addie was once again looking like Sam the Sheepdog and Austin was rocking a mullet - that's right, business in front and party in the back. Instead of stupidly thinking that I could be the one to trim their hair (still remembering how awful the Great Hair Butchering of 2011 was), we took the twins to John's aunt's salon. Aunt Becky did a MUCH better job!!

Austin wasn't so sure about the whole spray bottle thing but then discovered he could stare at himself intently in the mirror. That kept him occupied!

And a smile for Aunt Becky!

Addie was a great customer - she stayed still the whole time.

Addie pondering how beautiful she is with her new bangs :)


Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, we spent the weekend in Round Rock. It was fun to relax, buy a new car, play at the new splash pad in Round Rock (which I sadly have no pictures of) and celebrate John and my dad.

Saturday my parents watched the twins while we went car shopping. Looks like the A-Team had a good time helping Grandma make a key lime pie!!

Sunday we went to church to start the day off right for Father's day.

Skyping with Corey and Sommer....

John and his beautiful, perfect kiddos!

The fam...

John and my dad prom posing..I don't know what gets into these guys...

Austin and Addie helping Daddy open cards and presents...

Happy Father's Day to my fabulous dad. You are everything a daughter could want!!! Happy Father's Day to Jack - the greatest father-in-law in the world! And Happy Father's Day to my dear husband. To see the way you look at our children is the way to see pure love. Love y'all!!


Goodbye Old Earl

Today John and I said good-bye to Earl, our trusty Explorer that has been a part of our family for the past 4 years. Obviously with another set of twins on the way, we needed to get something that would hold 4 car seats and provide room for traveling. But it wasn't easy saying goodbye. I'm not sure if it's because I'm preggo or what, but I got a little misty-eyed at the dealership!

Earl has survived running through a brick mailbox, being crashed into the garage (let me just note that both of those are John Rosenbaum accidents), having goldfish thrown all over the backseat, coffee spills (I'll claim these) and a random red juice stain that no one seems to remember. He's been a good camping buddy, driven us numerous times down to Round Rock and has been relatively maintenance free. But my favorite thing about Earl is that he's the car that brought our babies home from the hospital (this is what really brought the tears).

So we say good-bye to you Earl. You were a great car for our family and you will be missed!! We hope the next family that buys you loves you as much as we do. :)


Latest Sonogram for the Twins

Today we had our latest sonogram for the boys. One of the benefits of having twins is that we get to see them every 4 weeks (and more towards the end of pregnancy). It's so amazing to see how much they have grown and how much more developed their internal systems are!

Both of the boys are measuring about 11 ounces which is right where they should be. Just as a side note, their combined weight is the same as what someone 27 weeks would be carrying (I'm at 20). Dr. Gore said that they both look healthy and fabulous!

Here are some pics:

Baby A:
Boy Parts                    Profile
Sucking his thumb                    Profile            


Baby B:

                                                           Foot                        Profile
                                                           Boy Parts/Femur     Boy Parts


Go Mavs!!

The Mavericks are in the NBA finals versus the Heat and we're currently tied 2-2. Austin and Addie are ready for their team to win! Go Mavs!!