Happy Birthday Grandaddy Jack!

Tonight we celebrated Jack's birthday with dinner at Benihana. The A-Team has never been and I have to say, I was a little surprised at what they ate! Addie inhaled most of Jack's mushroom broth soup stuff (I'm sure it has a real name but not sure what it is) - so glad he shared! Addie also ate noodles, shrimp, chicken, fried rice and brown rice - pretty much everything that was put in front of her! Austin on the other hand ate my mushroom broth soup, a little bit of rice and then decided all he wanted was animal crackers. Guess he wasn't feeling all that adventurous!

Grandaddy Jack and Addie...

The rest of the fam!

It was fun to celebrate with John's family. Happy birthday Jack! We love you!


Our Last Trip to Round Rock (for a while)

This past weekend, we headed down to Round Rock to hang out with my fam. As usual, it was relaxing and good to get away from our normal routine. We went to the splash pad, John took Sadie to get her new license plates and we spent a lot of time trying to avoid this Texas heat!

Here are some pics of the weekend!

Austin laughing at who knows what... 

It's like monkey see, monkey do with these two!

Investigating the magic of the fountain....

Austin and Addie's first Chinese food experience...

I think the chopsticks may have been more fun than the actual food...

My little walrus...

Too much fun - I'm sleepy!

Grandpa playing games with the A-Team...

While in Round Rock, we went to the nursing home to see my Grandma Mary. Before we went in, the twins played around in the courtyard.

My beautiful princess...

My sweet little man!

The fam...

The twins, Grandma and Grandpa with Great-Grandma Mary

Daddy and Addie hanging out...

Austin making friends with a nice older lady. I think he was fascinated with the wheel chair!

So this is our last trip to Round Rock before the boys come. Kind of sad but glad my parents will be coming to Frisco next month!


Babies' Latest Photoshoot

Today we had a sonogram appointment for the boys. They look great and are growing well! Grayson is weighing in around 1 pound 8 ounces and Weston is 1 pound 5 ounces. Both are right on track for where they are supposed to be.

As of now, they are both head down, with their heads pressed together so they look like they are deep in thought. I guess they just really like being close!

Grayson's profile and him crossing his legs....

Weston with his fingers in his mouth and his little feet!

We head back to see Dr. Gore in 4 weeks. This time they are hopefully going to be able to do a 3D sonogram - it just depends on if the boys feel like showing their faces or not!


Is it Football Season Yet?

Addie got a new A&M dress to wear for all Aggie football games. She's DYING for football to start again!! So the countdown to September 4th has begun, when my Aggies take on SMU (which just so happens to be John's alma mater). Should be a great game!! Addie has an SMU dress too...I think we all know which one she'll choose to wear. :)


Too Tired to Eat

It's a rare time when Austin doesn't eat - it usually involves teething or a sickness. But I guess the 4th of July weekend just wore him out so much that he fell asleep in his high chair!


Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday to the United States!! For 4th of July, we went to Jack and Linda's for an afternoon in the pool, hotdogs and some YUMMY homemade ice cream.

Austin and Addie sporting their All American Boy/Girl shirts (made by Grandma West).

Grandaddy Jack with Austin and Addie

Austin scaling the waterfall...

We tried hard to take a picture but Stellar stepped in front of the camera. Austin and Addie are clearly over it. 

After hot dogs and potato salad, we moved on to the good stuff - dessert. Grandaddy Jack made banana and chocolate ice cream. It was amazing! Austin and Addie thought so too!

Happy 4th of July!! We hope everyone had a great day!


4th of July Weekend

For the long 4th of July weekend, my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma on my mom's side and my aunt and uncle on my dad's side came into town. My mom's side of the family hadn't met the twins yet so Austin and Addie spent a weekend being showered in attention! It was a busy weekend but a lot of fun.

John, my cousin Michelle and I took the twins to a splash pad in Frisco - lots of fun in this million degree weather!

Even John enjoyed the splash pad!

We went to Texas Roadhouse one night for dinner. Below is my Uncle Danny being seranaded for his birthday.

After church, we went to Babe's. Addie was quite excited after she dumped water all over herself (and Grandpa).

My mom, Aunt Dee and Grandma Potts...

Us with Grandma Potts....

Austin and Grandpa...

Aunt Karen, Uncle Bobby and Addie...

By the end of the weekend, Austin was pooped...