Happy Birthday John!!

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband! This year we had a casual day with the family and then John and I had date night! Thanks to Casey for watching the kiddos while we got out for an adult night. We had some yummy Italian food followed by a guy movie - Columbiana. I'm pretty sure there is no scenario where my ideal night out involves a movie with a hot girl and guns but hey - I sacrifice to make my husband happy!

Happy birthday John - I am looking forward to the next 60 we'll spend together!


Taco Night!!!

I love that our kids aren't really picky eaters. I love that they love Mexican food (one of our household staples). My type A personality is learning not to freak out everytime we eat tacos though. My need for cleanliness and order is thrown to the wayside when we introduce a little sour cream and taco meat.

It's worth it for these adorable faces...



Unfortunately we've reached the age where the words "time out" have entered our vocabulary. This has made something very apparent to me. I am just not cut out for disciplining our children! Instead of keeping a stern face, I can't help but smile at how cute Austin is when he's in time out. He does a great job standing in the corner, sometimes covering his face. That is, until I bust out the camera and he thinks it's time to turn around and smile. But I felt it necessary to document one of his first time outs!


Weston and Grayson's Shower

My fabulous and wonderful friends Christi, Christine, Jenee, JaNae and Tammy threw a shower for Weston and Grayson today. It was at one of my fave brunch places, Breadwinners. Ever since they said that it would be at Breadwinners, I have been dreaming about the stuffed French toast. And yes, it was just as wonderful in real life as it was in my dreams!!

Grayson and Weston are so blessed to have so many people who love them already. I can't wait until they are here and can meet everyone!

We got a lot of essentials that will definitely be needed. Lots of diapers, baby cleaner (aka soap), wipes, clothes and the ever necessary Boogie Wipes.

Me and my mom...

For some reason I didn't get a picture of all of the hostesses together. But know that I love each and every one of them and I'm glad that I can call them friends.

The shower wasn't all fun and games though. It ended in tragedy....Because my stomach has been smooshed in half to make room for two growing boys, I wasn't able to finish my French toast. And as the car was being loaded with gifts, my leftovers plummetted to the ground...to their final resting place. I hope the birds of Plano enjoyed my French toast - it was amazing. RIP Stuffed French Toast.


Babies Latest Update

Today was my 28 week sonogram. John was so excited because the sonographer let him drive the ultrasound machine. He did ok - not so great in pointing out the right body parts but at least it was entertaining!

Both boys look great and have grown well since last appointment. Grayson is 2 lbs, 8 oz and tranverse across the bottom of my stomach. Weston is 2 lbs, 3 oz and is more in a diagonal position across my stomach. His feet are right in Grayson's face so I'm sure that Grayson LOVES being kicked in the face constantly!

Grayson has apparently already made the decision to go to UT. Look at that hook 'em horns. The second picture is his foot.

Weston missed the memo that babies are supposed to be curled up in the fetal position. His leg is nice and stretched out! The second picture is all of his hair sticking out.

Valerie attempted a 3D image but couldn't get a good picture. Weston is facing my back and Grayson's face is covered by two little feet.
Overall, everything looks fabulous and Dr. Gore thinks our boys are baking well. We go back in 4 weeks and will hopefully get a 3D picture then. I'd love to have a glimpse at what these two little men are going to look like!

Grandaddy Jack - the Babysitter!!

Our fabulous daycare person, Laura, was off to Florida for a family vacation this week. Of course this coincided with the Rosies' marathon doctor appointment week. After the A-Team's 18 month appointment, I had a sonogram appointment. Since two active toddlers and sitting still through a sonogram don't go well together, it was Grandaddy Jack to the rescue!

It was his first time to watch the twins solo and he passed with flying colors! It also sounds like Grandaddy got some great bonding time in with Addison, who has previously been a little shy around him.

Of course a couple of hours with these two can make anyone pooped. So as soon as we got home, Jack hightailed it out of here!

Thanks Grandaddy Jack for letting us relax at our sonogram!

We're 18 Months Old!!

At this age - this is as good as it gets with the sock monkey pics. Austin and Addie had zero desire to sit still for 5 seconds and smile with their sock monkeys. Oh well. Still cute. :)

If there is one thing I can say about this phase we're in, it's "Monkey see, monkey do." If one does something, the other will follow. This is cute when they are doing things like dancing or running around in circles, not so cute when it involves couch diving. If you've never participated in couch diving, it is pretty much crawling up on the sofa table behind the couch and diving forward with absolutely no thought to the fact that you are going to hit the couch and bounce onto the floor. I realize that this is not a safe activity - I stop it when I can.

Austin and Addie are still great eaters and eat pretty much anything. Every once in a while they go through a weird "we don't eat meat" phase but we don't worry about it. They are so over drinking out of sippy cups if there are cups with straws around. However, they haven't quite mastered the skill of not dumping their drinks all over themselves so they are stuck with the sippy cups! We've tried to teach them to end their meals by saying "My compliments to the chef." Apparently at this age, compliments is a big word and sentences are just out of the question. So they will raise their hands and scream at the top of their lungs to signal that they are finished. We're still working on manners...

The A-Team is all over the place. They love to walk, run, climb, jump and tumble. Tackling Daddy is a favorite pasttime as well. They also like to push me over so I become their own personal horse. What they don't understand is that I have this huge belly that gets in the way so I'm more of a walrus than a horse. Unfortunately because of all of this rough tumbling, our kids are the ones that are always covered with scrapes and bruises. Oh well - they are still perfection!

They have also starting playing with each other a lot more, instead of just playing next to each other. They like to color together (and not just on paper - our little Picassos like to express themselves all over the walls), play with blocks together (usually this involves Addie building a tower and Austin destroying it) and playing chase. Because they are playing together more, they are learning that sharing is necessary. This is not usually a lesson that goes over well but one that we're going to let them figure out!

One thing our doctor mentioned at our 15 month appointment was to make sure to work on their speech. Austin and Addie are both pretty good at mimicking words and small phrases and we're working on numbers and body parts. Austin's favorite body part to pick out is his nose.

Addie also likes to point out her nose but she's a little more lady-like about it.

Austin - you have gone from being 100% boy to 200% boy! You like to bang things against the wall, scale the entertainment center and make as much noise as possible. At your 18 month appointment, you weighed in at 22 lbs, 7 oz (15th percentile), you are 32" tall (75th percentile) and your head is 19" (75th percentile). Dr. G complimented your weight gain and said that you are a very busy boy!

You are a pretty happy kid most of the time - unless you are hungry or tired. You are eager to share your toys but also pretty quick to steal them from your sister. You love to chase the dogs around, even if they aren't willing participants. You have the prettiest blue eyes and the biggest cheese smile - my favorite feature on you! As crazy and all over the place as you are during the day, when it's time to say your prayers at night, you give us snuggles. You like to give kisses too although they are more like open mouth tongue slobbers. I'll take what I can get! Austin - you melt my heart on a daily basis and amaze me with your boyness!

Addison - you are just a crazy lady! You are in to everything and love to imitate whatever we do. You like to point your fingers when you talk and always have something very important to say. We're still trying to decipher what that is but we're working on it! You have mastered the fine art of feminine wiles and know how to get what you want with those big blues and smile. I'm pretty sure that Daddy has already promised you a pink Mustang convertible and a pony. I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't even buy me that! You are becoming a little more selective in who you give your kisses to - glad I'm still on the list!

At Dr. G's office, you weighed in at 19 pounds, 1 oz (still off the chart but growing on the Addie scale), are 30.5" tall (30th percentile) and your head is 17.8" (30th percentile). He said that you are a princess and a strong girl. We also let him in on the secret that you might be a strong-willed little girl (who knows where that trait came from!) so he told us that we need to be consistent in our discipline. Discipline is not proving to be my strong suit so I'll leave that up to John!

At 18 months, I just can't get over how we don't have babies anymore. They are little adults with their own personalities, thoughts and opinions. Granted they still rely on us for a lot but they are so much more independent! Although we're starting some struggles with temper tantrums and battles of wills, this has been such a fun age! I love watching them develop and learn on a daily basis. I thank God every day for these perfect littls blessings He has given us!


Potty Training....The Preview

Since Austin and Addie will be 18 months old soon, we thought we should introduce them to the idea of a potty. So we bought these adorable frog potties so they can get used to them. These have been hits so far! Not so much for actually using them but they make great seats.

Austin has actually peed in his - pretty proud of him. Someone (we're not totally sure which one) pretended to have to pee just to get his/her diaper off. Then, he/she proceeded to run around the corner and pee on the carpet. So we're a long way off from being potty trained but that's why God let someone invent carpet cleaner!