Babies Latest Update

Today was my 28 week sonogram. John was so excited because the sonographer let him drive the ultrasound machine. He did ok - not so great in pointing out the right body parts but at least it was entertaining!

Both boys look great and have grown well since last appointment. Grayson is 2 lbs, 8 oz and tranverse across the bottom of my stomach. Weston is 2 lbs, 3 oz and is more in a diagonal position across my stomach. His feet are right in Grayson's face so I'm sure that Grayson LOVES being kicked in the face constantly!

Grayson has apparently already made the decision to go to UT. Look at that hook 'em horns. The second picture is his foot.

Weston missed the memo that babies are supposed to be curled up in the fetal position. His leg is nice and stretched out! The second picture is all of his hair sticking out.

Valerie attempted a 3D image but couldn't get a good picture. Weston is facing my back and Grayson's face is covered by two little feet.
Overall, everything looks fabulous and Dr. Gore thinks our boys are baking well. We go back in 4 weeks and will hopefully get a 3D picture then. I'd love to have a glimpse at what these two little men are going to look like!