Quick Weston and Grayson Update

We had another sonogram today and of course neither boy wanted to participate in the attempt to get 3D pics. They are both facing my back and smashed on top of each other. Oh well - we've only got 4 more weeks until we see them live and in person!!! They are still growing really well and have plenty of fluid and blood flow. Grayson is weighing in around 4 lbs 7 oz and Weston is 4 lbs 4 oz. I'm guessing by their birthday, they'll be around the 6 pound mark each! Valerie (our fabulous and wonderful sonographer) wasn't able to get any good pics for me to include with this blog. So here's what you get:

As far as our last appointment with Dr. Mathews, he said that everything with me is still looking good. My blood pressure is low and no dialation. I am measuring 39 weeks so yes, there is a great reason that I'm waddling! :) He's still not officially putting us on his schedule yet but I'll keep asking at each appointment.