Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Rosie bunch! This year our Halloween was a little more lowkey since the boys were only 10 days old. We just walked around our block and then handed out candy.

This year was a lot of fun because Austin and Addison really got into it! Austin jumped right in with a group of kids and had no problems going up to the door to get candy. His goal was all about getting the biggest amount of candy. Addison chose to get one piece of candy at a time and then would sit down on the sidewalk to eat it. She let no wrapper or packaging get in her way.

Bam Bam before heading out.... (Pebbles is missing because she was too busy hiding from me - someone didn't want a pigtail put in her hair)

This picture is a miracle from God. I don't know if we'll ever get all 4 kids in one shot ever again - especially with Austin and Addison looking at the camera!

Mario and Luigi snoozing before the big stroller ride...

Luigi (aka Weston)...

Mario (aka Grayson)...

Pebbles and Bam Bam casing the houses - deciding which ones look like they have the best candy!

Note the crazy looks in their eyes - these kids were on a SUGAR HIGH!

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!


Welcome to Reality

And we're home...

Our first afternoon home was a tad bit stressful. After not really seeing Austin and Addie for 5 days, it was pretty clear that they missed us - and the feeling was definitely mutual! They were both extra needy and were pretty quick to tears if they didn't receive immediate attention. I think the worst part about this whole c-section thing is not being able to pick up Austin and Addie. It's hard to explain to a 20 month old that I can't hold them for a couple of weeks. We're definitely in an adjustment period of how to take care of the older kiddos while tending to the needs of the newborns. To say our lives are a little busy right now is an understatement! John and I are so thankful that his job allowed him to take 2 weeks off to help out with everything! And we have amazing friends that have provided meals since we've been home.

One of the biggest sources of fascination for Austin and Addie have been the immense amount of baby things that are now out - like swings and car seats. Honestly our home looks like we run an at-home daycare! The first thing Addie did when we arrived home and the carseats were vacated is place her stuffed animals into them. In the pic below, she's rocking the car seats and "shushing" the animals. Not sure where she picked it up but it's pretty darn cute!

The boys have done a lot of hanging out since they've been home. This involves a lot of sleeping which is good for us!

Sleeping in the swings..

Sleeping in the pack and play...

Austin checking out his new brothers...

More sleeping...

Addie helping the babies to swing...

Overall, Austin and Addison seem to really like the babies. The A-Team loves to give Weston and Grayson kisses and yell baby whenever they see them. Austin is fascinated with pointing out the boys' noses and will typically attempt to shove his finger up their nostrils - I don't know why - guess it's a boy thing.

We're still working hard to find our groove when it comes to meal times. John has taken over primary feeding responsibilities for Austin and Addie since I have to feed Weston and Grayson. It will give me more peace whenever W & G are on a set feeding schedule so I can better plan things out!

So we're definitely still a work in progress as we adjust to being "The Rosies - Party of Six." And no matter how stressful times can be, how hard it can be to balance time between all four kids or how much we miss 8 hours of solid sleep, John and I are so above and beyond blessed and thankful for what God has provided.


Happy Birthday Grayson and Weston!

October 21, 2011 goes down as one of the top 3 days of my life. This is the day that John and I welcomed two perfectly made little men into this world! Since this was c-section #2, there was a lot less anxiety and nervousness about the surgery and a lot more "let's get this show on the road" feelings. The surgery was scheduled for 9:30 so John and I showed up to Presby Plano around 7:30.

Our last picture as a family of four...

After some of the initial monitoring, poking and prodding was finished, I received one of my fave bracelets - the Fall Risk alert. John thought it was funny to tell anyone and everyone that came in to our room that I could use one of these in my day to day life.

The surgical nurse listed on the board above had an interesting background.

For those who are fans of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, you may remember a rodeo clown from Texas on Trista's season. She gave him the boot because she is allergic to horses - he in turn called her shallow. And yep, he is now a nursing student and just so happened to be assigned to me. Which I thought was mildly interesting until he had the audacity to start bashing Chris Harrison. I just so happen to have a minor crush and Brook quickly lost any points in my book.

John all suited up and ready to go! Pretty sure we have this exact same pose from our first go around.

Our last pic as parents of only 2 children!

Waiting not so patiently for the surgery to begin...

Meet Grayson Jack Rosenbaum! He was born at 10:05 am and weighed in at 6 pounds. He was 17.72 inches long and is 100% perfection. Let it be noted that it felt like Dr. Mathews pretty much had to break my ribs to get this guy out - he was pretty intent on staying cozied up to my lungs for as long as possible!

Meet Weston Carter Rosenbaum! He was born at 10:06 am and weighed in at 6 lbs, 6 oz. Weston was 18.9 inches long and has earned the title of the youngest kid in the Rosie clan.

Our first pic with the boys...

After what seemed like endless heel pricks testing for low blood sugar, we were finally wheeled off to our home for the next 5 days.

Poor Addie wasn't really up for meeting the boys on the first day. She had a random fever virus so we could only let her look from across the room. On the flipside, she loved her new Rapunzel doll (so excited my little girl is starting to get into the Disney princesses)!

Austin was pretty excited about his new toys too but was REALLY excited to meet his new brothers!

My two little peas in a pod...

Skyping with Aunt Sommer and Uncle Corey...

So glad that the Aggies provided a win in celebration of the boys' birthday!

SMU didn't fair so well but we'll still let the boys sport the hats (thanks Cousin Barbs!!)

Austin and Addie checking out their new playmates...

After 5 days in room 434, John and I were ready to head home to be reunited with the A-Team and jump in to this new life as a family of 6.

Here are the boys suited up and ready to head out!  We almost had to have an outfit change because I forgot the cardinal rule of changing little boy diapers - always cover it up. Weston ended up with a little bit of pee on his outfit, courtesy of his dear brother Grayson. The rest ended up on me and the bed!

Hanging out - waiting for Mommy's chariot to arrive (aka the required wheelchair)...

And we're off!

Once again our time at Presby Plano was amazing. The staff there - both for me and our babies - were incredible. John and I were blessed by everyone we met!


Big News!!!

No this is not our new house (although it's gorgeous so I'd take it). My parents are the proud new owners of this fabulous casa. And it's located in Frisco!! We couldn't be more excited to have my parents closer. There is a part of me that will be sad when they make the move from Round Rock. It's the city that I grew up in and where quite a few of my friends still live. But that sadness is quickly pushed aside by the happiness that my parents will be 5 minutes away!

I'm so excited that we'll no longer have to make the 3.5 hour trip southbound 35 just to see them. Especially when our suburban would be loaded up with 4 kids and all the gear that goes along with them. I know it's a huge change for them and I'm so glad that God has made this possible!

Can't wait until they make the move and officially become Frisco-ites! :)

Only 2 More Sleeps!!

Only 2 more sleeps until we get to meet Grayson and Weston!! And while I am beyond excited and SOOO ready to meet them, the reality of "oh my gosh, we're going to be parents of 4 kids" is starting to set in. 4 kids!! How in the heck are we going to handle that?!? I know God had a plan when He put John and me together. John's so high energy and I'm super Type-A (aka organized and can keep a schedule). So I know we can handle it - and hopefully handle it with ease!

As we get closer to Friday, I am becoming a little clingy with Austin and Addie. I know that we'll never be a family of four again and the A-Team's world is getting ready to completely change. I want to spend as much time with them, getting all the playtime and snuggles in before I'm physically not allowed to pick them up for a couple of weeks. And I want to make sure that they feel completely and 100% loved. I know a lot of our time will be focused on Grayson and Weston initially and I don't ever want Austin and Addie to feel left out. I am so glad that they do have each other and most of the time really enjoy entertaining each other. I pray that God uses the next couple of weeks to really strengthen the bond between Austin and Addie!


We Have a Day!!!

We are officially on Dr. M's schedule for next Friday at 9:30. Woo hoo!! That means in 10 days (probably very long, drawn out days), we get to meet Grayson and Weston. And we cannot wait! Obviously they can come whenever they want before next Friday but it's reassuring to this Type-A mama that there is something at least scheduled.

Can't wait until the 21st!!!!


Deep breaths....

The sheer sight of this many bottles is enough to send me into panic mode. I remember very vividly John or I washing bottle after bottle after bottle. And still having an entire sinkful to wash. This was a daily occurance for quite a few months. So right now I'm focusing on taking deep breaths - and not going full on panic attack mode. Because one good thing about all these bottles - it means our boys will be here soon!!!


Grayson and Weston Checkup

We had our last sonogram appointment with Dr. Gore. I told him that I kind of hope we never see him again in his office. If we do - it's because we're pregnant with twins again! Anyways, both of the boys still look fabulous. Their fluid levels are still high and they have lots of space to roll around (although it definitely fills like they have run out of room!). We watched their little hearts pump away and watched their chests move while they continue to "practice breathe." Grayson is measuring about 5 lbs 12 oz and Weston is about 5 lbs 5 oz. The measurements are just an estimation but we could have some 6 pounders when they are born. Still not just a heck of a lot of cooperation on seeing their faces but that's ok.

So now we should just have about 2 more weeks until we meet these little guys. And I CANNOT wait!!!