Grayson and Weston Checkup

We had our last sonogram appointment with Dr. Gore. I told him that I kind of hope we never see him again in his office. If we do - it's because we're pregnant with twins again! Anyways, both of the boys still look fabulous. Their fluid levels are still high and they have lots of space to roll around (although it definitely fills like they have run out of room!). We watched their little hearts pump away and watched their chests move while they continue to "practice breathe." Grayson is measuring about 5 lbs 12 oz and Weston is about 5 lbs 5 oz. The measurements are just an estimation but we could have some 6 pounders when they are born. Still not just a heck of a lot of cooperation on seeing their faces but that's ok.

So now we should just have about 2 more weeks until we meet these little guys. And I CANNOT wait!!!