Only 2 More Sleeps!!

Only 2 more sleeps until we get to meet Grayson and Weston!! And while I am beyond excited and SOOO ready to meet them, the reality of "oh my gosh, we're going to be parents of 4 kids" is starting to set in. 4 kids!! How in the heck are we going to handle that?!? I know God had a plan when He put John and me together. John's so high energy and I'm super Type-A (aka organized and can keep a schedule). So I know we can handle it - and hopefully handle it with ease!

As we get closer to Friday, I am becoming a little clingy with Austin and Addie. I know that we'll never be a family of four again and the A-Team's world is getting ready to completely change. I want to spend as much time with them, getting all the playtime and snuggles in before I'm physically not allowed to pick them up for a couple of weeks. And I want to make sure that they feel completely and 100% loved. I know a lot of our time will be focused on Grayson and Weston initially and I don't ever want Austin and Addie to feel left out. I am so glad that they do have each other and most of the time really enjoy entertaining each other. I pray that God uses the next couple of weeks to really strengthen the bond between Austin and Addie!