Happy Thanksgiving!

This year was a first for John and I - we hosted Thanksgiving at our house! Because of the new babies, A-Team and all around laziness on my part, we kept it pretty low-key (ie - picked up most of the food from Razzoo's and my mom and John's mom did the rest). For my contribution, I did make iced tea!

God has continued to bless John and I and we have so much to be thankful for. We have four healthy and happy kids, a strong marriage and amazing family and friends. We thank God daily for all of these blessings but it's nice to have a special day to celebrate.

Me and my turkey!

The grandpas taking care of the babies...

G and W decided sleep was more important than participating in our Thanksgiving meal...

Austin and Addie didn't quite make it to the adult table this year - maybe next year!

The fam...

My sweet Austin

Austin and Addie loving on their little brothers - so thankful that they love the babies!

So incredibly thankful for this infectious laugh..

Thankful for this beautiful little princess that makes my heart smile

Addie is thankful that she's discovered how awesome shoes are!

The grandparents with the A-Team...

We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!


We're 1 Month Old!

Somewhere between what feels like endless bottle washing, waking up 3 times a night to feed the boys and chasing 2 toddlers, a month has passed since we first met Grayson and Weston. Can my babies really already be a month old?!? It has been fun over the past couple of weeks watching Grayson and Weston develop and start showing their personalities a little more. They have started focusing on us a little more and have recently discovered how fun it is to stare at the magical ceiling fan.

We are feeding them about 8 times a day and they eat 3-5 ounces each time. During the day, they eat every 3 hours or so, which means that we have to wake them up sometimes. G and W haven't quite figured out that the daytime is for playtime and nighttime is for sleeping. At night, they still wake up every 3-3.5 hours. We've had a couple of 4 hour stretches but not as consistently as we'd like! We recently started the eat/play/sleep schedule so hopefully that will help them start going longer at nighttime. As much as I love seeing my wonderful husband's face multiple times in the middle of the night, I'd be content seeing him a little less. :) They are both in newborn diapers but those are quickly being outgrown. And I'm very sad to say that the Carter's newborn clothes are getting a little snug. My boys are growing!

The boys had their 1 month checkup today and Dr. G thinks they are still awesome and amazing. He gave them both an A+ (although in reality, we're pretty sure he's doesn't give out D's or F's on the checkup report card).

Grayson weighs 8 lbs, 5 oz (20-25th percentile), is 20.5 inches long (25th percentile) and his head is 14.3 inches (20-25th percentile). He's gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks and we're pretty sure it's all in his cheeks. Just makes him much more kissable!  

Weston weighs 8 lbs, 10 oz (25th percentile), is 21.3 inches (50-60th percentile) and his head is 14.5 inches (25th-30th percentile).  He is still proving to be the more alert baby out of the two of them.

Dr. G said that over the next month, they will start smiling more and being a little more interactive (I guess as interactive as a 2 month old can be). I still can't believe that a month has passed since they were born. Although I'm really really really excited for them to start sleeping more at night, I want to cherish their "newborness." I'll take the snuggles while I can get them because in the not so distant future, they will be two crazy toddlers that won't have time to stop and chill with me!


Playing at the Park

For our first outing with all four kids, we picked something easy - the park! Austin and Addie were the only kids there which made it easier to keep up with them! The A-Team is at such a fun age where there isn't a lot of fear in climbing up playscapes and sliding down slides.

Our princess...

Racing to the top...

Who will make it down first?

King of the big slide!

We tried to get a pic with both kids poking their heads through. As soon as John gets one kid set, he moves to get the other one....

Unfortunately by the time it took him to get the 2nd kid set, numero uno decided to run away. Oh well...we'll try again another day!

The boys didn't seem all that interested in the slides and jungle gym. They preferred to snooze their way through play time.


Weston opened his eye just to make sure that he wasn't missing much then quickly went back to sleep...

First outing was a success! Next trip out with all 6 of us, we may attempt a restaurant. Oh who am I kidding - that would just be madness!


Adjusting to Life

It's taken a little time but I think that Austin and Addie have finally adjusted to the boys as permanent fixtures in our home and not just visitors. Every day when they come home from daycare, they run in to the house yelling "baby" and they quickly start looking for their brothers.

Addie is definitely good with them and understands that she has to be gentle. She's very fascinated with their noses and eyes.

Addie is trying to be a master diaperer so she can help us out!

Austin thinks putting a diaper on his head is funnier than the normal way. Not quite as helpful but it's super cute!

Austin is learning to be gentle although he still hasn't mastered that skill. He does like to put the pacifiers into his brothers' mouths. He hasn't quite learned that when they are sleeping, he doesn't need to shove it in. :)

Slowly but surely I feel like Austin and Addie are becoming adjusted to their brothers. I just can't wait until they start volunteering to feed and diaper the boys while John and I get some much needed sleep! :)


Newborn Pics

Today we did Grayson and Weston's newborn pics. I CANNOT wait to see how they came out! We worked with two amazing photographers and based on the images I saw on their cameras, there are going to be some perfect pictures! Of course it's easy when you start with perfect subjects!

John met up with me to do some pics of him and the boys. In the course of about 10 minutes, poor John got peed on twice and pooped on. And he was in his work clothes when it happened! Evidence below of the Great Peeing of 2011.

Lucky for John, he had some clothes to donate in the trunk of his car. He was able to put together something to wear to work that wasn't pee and poop covered!


We're 2 Weeks Old!

Grayson and Weston are 2 weeks old! We had their checkup today and the boys look great. They have surpassed their birthweight and are growing like weeds.

Grayson weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz (10-25th percentile), is 19.8 inches long (50th percentile) and his head is 13.5 inches (25th percentile). Dr. G was impressed with his weight gain and gave him an A+!

Weston weighed in at 6 lbs 13 oz (10-25th percentile), is 20.3 inches long (50-75th percentile) and his head is 13.8 inches (25-30th percentile). Dr. G also gave Weston an A+ and said to keep up the awesome work.

Here are some pics of John while we were waiting to see Dr.G. John reminds me of my dad when I was little and he took me to the doctor - my dad always felt the need to get into something to find entertainment!

The tongue depressor walrus...

The tongue depressor walrus sneaking up on an unexpecting Weston...

We'll go back in 2 weeks to get another check up on the boys. Can't wait to see how much they have grown!