Adjusting to Life

It's taken a little time but I think that Austin and Addie have finally adjusted to the boys as permanent fixtures in our home and not just visitors. Every day when they come home from daycare, they run in to the house yelling "baby" and they quickly start looking for their brothers.

Addie is definitely good with them and understands that she has to be gentle. She's very fascinated with their noses and eyes.

Addie is trying to be a master diaperer so she can help us out!

Austin thinks putting a diaper on his head is funnier than the normal way. Not quite as helpful but it's super cute!

Austin is learning to be gentle although he still hasn't mastered that skill. He does like to put the pacifiers into his brothers' mouths. He hasn't quite learned that when they are sleeping, he doesn't need to shove it in. :)

Slowly but surely I feel like Austin and Addie are becoming adjusted to their brothers. I just can't wait until they start volunteering to feed and diaper the boys while John and I get some much needed sleep! :)