Happy Thanksgiving!

This year was a first for John and I - we hosted Thanksgiving at our house! Because of the new babies, A-Team and all around laziness on my part, we kept it pretty low-key (ie - picked up most of the food from Razzoo's and my mom and John's mom did the rest). For my contribution, I did make iced tea!

God has continued to bless John and I and we have so much to be thankful for. We have four healthy and happy kids, a strong marriage and amazing family and friends. We thank God daily for all of these blessings but it's nice to have a special day to celebrate.

Me and my turkey!

The grandpas taking care of the babies...

G and W decided sleep was more important than participating in our Thanksgiving meal...

Austin and Addie didn't quite make it to the adult table this year - maybe next year!

The fam...

My sweet Austin

Austin and Addie loving on their little brothers - so thankful that they love the babies!

So incredibly thankful for this infectious laugh..

Thankful for this beautiful little princess that makes my heart smile

Addie is thankful that she's discovered how awesome shoes are!

The grandparents with the A-Team...

We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!