A First of Hopefully Never Again

Typically our kids are good sleepers. So when one cries a bunch instead of falling right to sleep, I know I should go investigate. Addison didn't disappoint me - something was definitely wrong. When I walked in to the bedroom, she yelled "poo poo." For good reason...She decided to play Picaso and paint the crib, herself, her pillow pet and her water bottle with poo. Gross. Typically, I would delegate these uber-disgusting tasks out to John. He was on a conference call so the chore of this clean up fell to me. Double gross.

So now Addie is tucked away again in her clean crib and I successfully managed to not interrupt Austin's sweet dreams while playing hazmat. I hope this is the first and last time she experiments with poo as her medium. I'll buy her a nice watercolor set instead.