My Heart Just Melts...

John and I pray every night with Austin and Addie before we put them to bed. Sometimes we pray that they have sweet dreams while they sleep, sometimes we pray for them to continue to develop their BFF bond, sometimes we just pray for them to keep growing big and strong. One thing I pray for every night is for John and I to be able to raise them as good Christians with loving hearts and for them to know how much of a blessing they are to our family.

John took Austin on an adventure to the grocery store the other day and Austin came home with a golden dollar coin. From a stranger. John said that a woman gave him this money because his smile brought such joy to her day. Seriously? It completely melts my heart that my sweet little boy has such a joyful spirit and can spread it to others.  Austin came home with a "Cookie Club" sticker on his shirt also - I'm not positive which one he was more excited about. :) But I know that he truly does bless our lives every day and that makes me one proud mama!