We're 2 Months Old!

Can it be?? Can the boys really be 2 months old already? They are such amazing little guys and are growing right before our eyes! Grayson and Weston are becoming more expressive, have figured out how to smile (even if they aren't gassy Gusses) and love to take in the world around them. They are moving out of the newborn sleepy phase and are much more alert.  

Grayson and Weston are eating champs. They eat 7 times a day and will eat between 4 to 6 ounces each feeding. Based on the rate the thigh rolls are materializing, they are packing on the pounds. We have a doctor's appointment Friday to find out how much they weigh.

So far Grayson and Weston have been great sleepers. I truly believe God blessed us with sleeping children because we have so many of them! We're still working out a daytime nap schedule but right now they are taking 4 naps. They aren't usually really excited about the morning nap so we try to do tummy time before going back to sleep. At nighttime, we've been feeding them anywhere from 8 to 10, they wake up between 3 to 4 am and then sleep until 7 to 8 am. Although I can't complain about the amount of sleep we get, I will be excited to drop that middle of the night feeding!

I've officially cleared out all of the Carter's newborn clothing from your drawers. Tears. :( You're outgrowing most of the other newborn things too. We had to make the switch from newborn to size 1 diapers. If you could just slow down the growing up just a bit, Mommy would appreciate it.

Grayson - you are just a doll. You are pretty good natured - unless you are hungry. You have this huge gummy smile that you love to flash at your mommy and daddy. And boy does that melt our hearts!! You've even grinned for Austin and Addison which they just think is so funny! Speaking of Austin and Addie, they call you Baby Guy. They can't say Grayson so Guy it is! If you are sleeping, they say "Baby Guy night night." Or if you are crying, "Why Baby Guy cry?" It cracks me up. Someday they will learn to say your name but until then,  you are Baby Guy!

You like tummy time and are getting pretty strong. You've started pushing up on your forearms quite a bit and can turn your head side to side sometimes. You've rolled over a couple of times but I think it was by accident. Here you are showing off your skills to your brother...who is probably sleeping.

Weston - you are such a sweet little man. You have a chill personality and typically are easy going. You like to snuggle which I'm a fan of! When Austin and Addie are grabbing your head to plant a big sloppy one on you, you don't seem to mind. I'm pretty sure you are going to grow up to be pretty darn tough! 

You also have started flashing some big grins. And I just love them!! You will also stick your tongue out if we stick ours out. This is the fun age when you start to mimick.

You aren't quite as much of a fan of tummy time as your brother and typically will cry or sleep your way through. But you like sitting in your swing and staring at the mobile. You're starting to follow things with your eyes more - pretty cool!

I love watching these little guys change on a daily basis. They are seriously growing every day and get a new fat roll or chin every time I turn around. I am so excited to see how much they have grown at their two month appointment!