New Year's Eve!

This year we actually made it out of the house for New Year's Eve - so proud of us! We went to dinner and hung out with our fabulous neighbors - the Barrys! We are so blessed to live close to great friends.

This has been an incredible year for us - a lot of big changes for our family and a lot more in store for 2013.

Happy New Year!!


Merry Christmas!!!

We started Christmas morning off at home. The kids opened a couple of presents from us before we headed to my parents' house.

Obsessed with anything princess!

Robots are a current fave!

Grayson and Weston ditched the presents in favor of the fireplace. What is it about making something off limits that makes it so desirable?

Our attempt at a family pic. Not too terrible. 
This is more of the reality...

Christmas just isn't Christmas without two of my fave things - sticky buns and A Christmas Story!

The kids opened presents together. They look so calm here - in reality - they spent most of the time running around the house!

Grandpa and Grandma West

Austin and Addie working together on a puzzle - it's a Christmas miracle!

Weston showing off his newly acquired walking skills.

Since the weatherman said that snow was coming, we headed home after lunch. And this is what quickly followed!!

The boys have never seen snow before so we had to bundle everyone up to go play. Here's part of the prep work...

A family pic!

John with the boys

Addie jamming in the snow

Austin showing off the snow on his hands

Austin and John

Me and Addie

We spent the rest of the day snuggled by a fire watching movies. The absolute perfect way to spend our day!! Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve

To start Christmas Eve off, we went to Jason and Ashley's for another Christmas celebration. Ashley and Jason served a yummy brunch and then we moved on to a present extravaganza!
I'm impressed that the grandkids actually cooperated for a pic!

Uh - who's the kid licking the plant??

For the afternoon, we went to a service at church. Love hearing the Christmas story and celebrating our Savior's birth. The kids started to get a little fidgety towards the end - until the candles came out!
Candlelight makes worshipping that much better!

After church, I promised Austin and Addie that they could open a present if they would pose for a picture. And this is what I got! I love these two to pieces!!


Rosenbaum Family Christmas

To kick off the holiday craziness, we headed to Cedar Hill for the Rosenbaum Family Christmas. Always so much fun and Margaret is always the perfect hostess!
She had little chairs set out for the boys - Margaret is one brave woman letting them use plates! The boys did really well but eventually figured out they could escape these chairs.

Margaret also set up fun games for us to play - like the marshmallow toss!

Austin kept slapping his head each time he missed. So freaking cute!

Addie had fun too - even though she didn't really get the speed thing.

Randy rocked the marshmallow toss. But I post this pic for another reason - check out the little munchkin thieving marshmallows and shoving them in his mouth.

After the marshmallow toss, the adults played a cup stacking game.

Margaret was ridiculously fast and completely smoked everyone. I was a distant second but I'll claim that!

Weston thought stabbing Daddy in the neck was a more fun game.

While we played games, Aunt Becky helped the kids with crafts.

We are so blessed to have so much family that is close by to celebrate!


And Weston Makes 4...

Walking children that is! After months of just being content to crawl and hang out, Weston has decided it's time to get up and go! He's still tottering around and looks like a baby giraffe (with stumpier legs) but he's getting better every day!


Heard Science Museum

We've made it a goal to take advantage of all of the fun things in our area. We recently became members at Heard Science Museum and a friend let us know about their Holiday Trail of Lights. So we packed up and headed out. And since it was on the way, we stopped by Uncle Julio's for dinner. The kids got to experience some of the best tortillas in the world! :)
Weston and Grayson got the awesome seats by the fire.

Austin and Addie...

Austin hanging out by a 300 year old oak - this thing was huge!

John, Weston and Grayson...

The dinosaur all decked out!

John trying to feed Mr. Dino a tasty Addie snack...

The T-Rex. It appears he ate Santa!

They had a great live band playing. We pretty much had to rip Addie from the dance floor. This girl may be shy but she sure likes to perform!

Austin and Addie LOVED the music!


Church Christmas Party

Tonight we met up with our life group to celebrate Christmas. The theme was Tacky Sweater so we donned our finest!

John's awesomeness...

Why yes those are ornament earrings...


A competitive game of Pictionary. The guys won - after cheating of course!

After a couple more games, the winner of the tackiest sweater was announced. I'm proud to say that John was the winner!

Meeting Santa

Since we skipped Santa pics last year, I definitely wanted the kids to meeet the man in red this year. Willow Bend has a great waiting area for Santa - all Ice Age themed!
Addie hanging out with Sid and Diego...


Posing in the glacier...

Austin standing tall with his pals...

Weston and Grayson hanging out waiting for Santa...

Hugging in the snow...

When it was their turn, Austin ran over to Santa to show him the snow on his hands. He was chatting it up so I thought all might go well. Then I asked Austin and Addie if they could sit next to Santa. And that is what started the crying. Once the boys realized their older siblings were crying, they joined in. And that is how we captured this greatness!

Merry Christmas!