My A-Team

This post is for no other reason than to show off some cute pics of my A-Team. As we near their second birthday, I'm getting a little sentimental (as if I weren't already sappy enough!) I LOVE these kids and they are truly my gifts from God.


I Did It!

I survived my first week back at work. With minimal tears. I have to thank MLK for making it a short week. It has been an adjustment to get back into the swing of things. I've struggled a little bit with having to work during the boys' naptime instead of doing housework, crafting, blogging or catching up on the DVR. I've had to remember how to speak to adults instead of saying things like who wants to be mommy's snugglebug or oh that's a big poopy or some other form of baby babble.

So John and I are adjusting to a new routine and I'm sure in a couple of weeks we'll be back in the groove. I am just very grateful and blessed to work for a company that does allow me to work with the boys at home. Pretty sure I couldn't go all day without seeing those sweet little faces!!


It's All About Love

In the past couple of months, we've watched the bond between Austin and Addison grow. In my mind, they are truly BFF and can't live without each other. In reality, they are pretty much forced to be together 24/7 so they have to like each other. But whatever. They have these melt your heart moments in which they just love on each other. Whether it's playing with toys together, emptying and reloading all the pots and pans in a cabinet together or giving each other kisses at bedtime (heart bursts with this one!), they do have a special bond. And I LOVE watching them grow up together. They really are peanut butter and jelly!

But let's not forget who the boss in the relationship is... ;)


We're 3 Months Old!

It's official - my boys are growing up WAAAAAY too fast. I mean seriously - they are already 3 months old?!? Grayson and Weston are such blessings. They are snuggly and sweet and becoming increasingly interactive. They are so smiley with us and let me just say, those gummy little smiles are just so captivating!

Grayson and Weston still eat 7 times a day and eat between 5 to 7 ounces per feeding. They are getting so big and I swear they are going to catch up to Addie soon. As far as sleep, they are continuing to be nighttime rockstars. John and I typically feed them around 9:30 at night and they sleep until 5-6ish. During the day, I'm still working on getting them on a good schedule. They take 3 decent naps which allows me to get some work done. Grayson and Weston have a big sister that is absolutely in love with them. She feels that at all times, they can have no less that 4 burp cloths.

Grayson, you are my little muscle man! You LOVE tummy time and can push up really well. You roll from tummy to back pretty easily and have recently started rolling from back to tummy. Because of this newfound skill, you've decided that you are a tummy sleeper.

You are super chatty and have started to laugh - what an incredibly perfect sound. If I'm having one of those days, all I need is your sweet little voice! You are generally pretty easy going until you are hungry - then watch out. You have got a wail like no other!!

Weston - you have a special place in my heart as the youngest of my four. You've just recently started smiling a bunch and you really like to show it off! In fact, when I pull out the camera, you're pretty quick to flash your sly smile.

I think you're still undecided on tummy time. You either love it or hate it. About a week ago, you started pushing up onto your forearms. You're not really into this whole rolling thing yet and you're pretty content to watch Gray do it. In fact, you're pretty content to hang out and watch the world around you. I like watching your little wheels turn while you are staring at me.

Weston and Grayson, we are so incredibly blessed to have you in our family. You truly complete the Rosies and I can't imagine our lives without you (I know it would probably involve more sleep and more free time but a lot less love). We look forward to watching you continue to grow!


Sweet Dreams

Grayson and Weston are sleeping champs! I think they have recognized that Mommy and Daddy are a lot more fun when well rested. For the past 4 out of 5 nights, we feed them between 9:00 and 9:30 and they sleep until 6:00ish (one day they slept past 7)! I feel like we're stringing together enough of these nights that it might just be - dare I say it - the norm rather than the exception.

Yay boys! Keep up this fabulous trend. If you do, I'll reward you both with this ribbon!

A Girl and Her Potty

After far too many sheet changes because of poop art, John and I have decided that Addie is ready to take the plunge into the world of potty training. And she has jumped in with both feet!! This girl is obsessed with peeing in the potty. I don't know if it's the potty dance that gets her all excited or the books she likes to "read" while she sits there. Hey, it may even be the freedom of running around with no diaper on. Whatever it is, she's doing really well. For the past couple of days, we ask Addie if she needs to go when she wakes up, gets home from daycare and before bedtime. And I would say 4 out of 5 times, Addie goes!

Austin has zero interest in his little frog potty. And that's a-ok. I'm perfectly content to only have to go through potty training with one kid at a time. I'll consider it a W to get at least one of four children out of diapers!


Happy New Year!

John and I were pretty excited to start 2012 off by going to church. After hectic running around to get everyone dressed, fed, diapers changed and packed up, we headed out the door for church. Not too late either! When we arrived at church, the parking lot was empty. Not like the "it's a holiday and going to be a light crowd" empty but EMPTY. Uh...did we miss the memo about there not being a 9:30 service? Why yes we did! Since it is New Year's Day, there was only an 11:00 service. Since we had everyone dressed and out, we decided to go to Rudy's for breakfast. Luckily it wasn't too crowded since this is our first restaurant trip with all 4 kids.

Waiting patiently for breakfast burritos...

Austin splitting an RC cola with me...

Addie sharing with John...

After everyone was re-fed and diaper changed, we packed up and headed back to First Baptist to try church again. In the parking lot, one of the guys in our Sunday school let us know that there wasn't any childcare. Seriously? We had to take all 4 kids into the service? Oh yes - we did. And I was regretting the caffeinated RC cola and banana pudding we gave to the kids. Thank goodness God was watching out for us and sent Casey Moon to the rescue! Casey entertained the A-Team while John and I watched the B-Team.

Love that our first day in 2012 started off with our church!