We're 4 Months Old!

Grayson and Weston are so much fun. They are becoming chatty, they laugh and they give HUGE smiles. When I get them up in the morning, I'm rewarded with the sweetest little smiles and coos. Such a perfect start to my day! Weston and Grayson are starting to notice each other more and will stare for a minute before moving on to the next thing. They are reaching for toys more and can hold on to some of the smaller ones. They have discovered their hands and like to clasp them together. We're working on sitting up in our bumbos in the great preparation for rice cereal!

The boys are chunky monkeys and are most definitely not my little newborns! They eat between 35-37 ounces a day, spread out over 6 times a day. I'm hoping that in the next couple of weeks, we can drop their dream feed. We've established a pretty good eating schedule during the day and they still eat every 3 hours. As far as sleeping, we typically put them down around 9:30 or so and they will sleeping until 7:00 - 7:30. Naptime during the day is a crapshoot - it's either great or they sleep 45 minutes at a time. Oh well - at least they are sleeping at night.

Grayson and Weston have graduated to size 2 diapers to accomodate their chubby thighs and are in 3-6 month clothing. It made me really sad to clear out all of the 0-3 stuff - my little babies are growing up way too quick!

Grayson - you are 14 lbs, 10 oz, 24.3 inches long and your head is 16.5 inches. You're 50th percentile across the board. Dr. G gave you an A+ and says you are really active. You are so smiley and have such an infectious laugh. You roll back to front and front to back and can make it across the room pretty quickly. In fact, the other day I left you on the floor in the nursery while I finished getting ready for church. I kept hearing a thumping sound - you had shut the nursery door by rolling into it and continued trying to roll into it! You are great with tummy time and actually prefer being on your stomach so you can pop up to check out the world around you. Recently you have started drooling a la Austin style. I don't see any teeth yet but hopefully there is something attached to all that drool!

You are a thumb sucker which is just adorable. You have always been a coo-er but have recently discovered how loud you can be. You can shriek as loud as anyone, which makes you giggle! So far, you remind me a lot of Austin, although there are definitely some Addie traits thrown in there!

Weston - you are 14 lbs, 11 oz, 24.5 inches long and your head is 16.3 inches. You're also in the 50th percentile for everything. Dr. G gave you an A+ and said you are getting stronger. You have this sweet little sly smile that starts off small. Then you will smile so big that it looks like your cheeks are going to break! You have just recently started talking a little more in this cute quiet voice. You are still pretty content to snuggle with me - I'm A-OK with this! So far, you seem pretty laid back in your personality. Every once in a while, your eyes look like they are going to turn green. I think if I can get 1 out of 4 to have my green eyes, I'm doing pretty good!

You still aren't really a fan of tummy time and will only push up on your forearms for a couple of minutes at a time. You haven't rolled over yet but hopefully that day will come soon. I think I see two teeth that will make their debut in the next month or so. You drool quite a bit but not nearly as much as Gray!

I absolutely, 110% love you boys. Every day you do something new. I am so thankful for the job that allows me to keep y'all at home with me. I love watching y'all grow and know that God has amazing things in store for your lives!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Rosies!

2 Year Appointment

Austin and Addie celebrated Valentine's Day with a trip to see Dr. G. While we waited to see him, the A-Team completely rearranged the room we were in! Dr. G walked in to what looked like the aftermath of a tornado - chairs all over the place and his stool under the exam table. It's a small taste of what 2 year olds do to our house on a daily basis!!

Austin weighed in at 25 lbs, 2 oz and is 34.8 inches tall. His head is 19.3 inches. I would love to have the percentages that go with this but my dear husband threw away their report cards. Dr. G did say that Austin is quite the active little man.

Addie weighed in at 21 lbs, 1 oz and is 32 inches tall. Her head is 18.3 inches. I do know that Addie's weight percentage is still off the normal growth chart but she's doing well on the "Addie growth chart." Dr. G said that as long as her height still goes up, he's ok with her weight. Addie went into full-on shy mode and wasn't so excited about being examined.

We don't go back until they are 3 years old! Thankfully - no shots on that trip!


A-Team Birthday Party!

After a coworker suggested My Gym for the A-Team's party, we jumped all over it. I was really excited about a party that would run all of the energy out of my kids AND that didn't require any sort of cleaning of my house. So off to My Gym we went. Austin and Addie had an absolute blast!

In true Austin fashion, he ran around like a crazy man from the beginning. It took Addie some time to warm up to everyone. But in the end, she was all over the place too.

The cakes...

My little monkeys - ready to start playing!

Austin thought the trampoline was super cool!

He also had fun playing with his cousin Randi.

Addie really liked circle time because it met hanging out with Daddy.

Circle time!

Austin and Addie's pal Zoe (also a fellow Aggie!)

Dancing with the fireman song.

Addie was a little apprehensive about this song...

This parachute brings back the good old days of 5th grade PE.

Austin running around the parachute.

Addie's turn!

She was a little nervous at first but then got the hang of it!

Our friends - the Barrys with Uncle Nate in the background

Austin on the parachute again

Daddy was really getting in to this game! The goal was to run around the parachute until you fell. For some reason, all the kids kept falling in front of John...

Climbing around


Go Addie go!

Austin on the train - he loved it!

Our attempt at a group shot with all the kids.

Austin and Addie in the swing while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to them. Addie was so cute - she was singing along (although her version is "happy to you")

Me and my princess

Even our little friends Ava and Declan came! Addie was super sweet with them.

My birthday kiddos

Sledding around...

Such a cutie...

Blowing their candles out (Addie actually blew hers out all by herself - Austin still needed a little help)

Addie is really in to her cake!

Must eat more sugar...

Grayson snoozed through most of the festivities...

Granddaddy feeding Weston

Happy 2nd birthday my sweet A-Team. Based on the way you crashed into your beds, I think y'all had a lot of fun!! We love you!

Birthday Morning

This year, it was a lot more fun to do little things to celebrate Austin and Addie's birthday. We decided to decorate their bedroom door with streamers and balloons to surprise them when they came out.

Austin is out and excited!

Addie liked walking through the streamers.

In true boy fashion, Austin decided it was a lot of fun to hit the balloons.

Addie is trying to reach the balloon to pull it down - not quite tall enough.

Luckily big brother is there to help!

For breakfast, we made rainbow pancakes. Pretty and yummy!

Enjoying breakfast. Addie chose to eat her pancakes one color at a time. She made it all the way through green before she was full.

Austin chose a different route. He took one bite out of each color then carefully placed the pancake on the table.

Let the birthday fun continue!