A-Team Birthday Party!

After a coworker suggested My Gym for the A-Team's party, we jumped all over it. I was really excited about a party that would run all of the energy out of my kids AND that didn't require any sort of cleaning of my house. So off to My Gym we went. Austin and Addie had an absolute blast!

In true Austin fashion, he ran around like a crazy man from the beginning. It took Addie some time to warm up to everyone. But in the end, she was all over the place too.

The cakes...

My little monkeys - ready to start playing!

Austin thought the trampoline was super cool!

He also had fun playing with his cousin Randi.

Addie really liked circle time because it met hanging out with Daddy.

Circle time!

Austin and Addie's pal Zoe (also a fellow Aggie!)

Dancing with the fireman song.

Addie was a little apprehensive about this song...

This parachute brings back the good old days of 5th grade PE.

Austin running around the parachute.

Addie's turn!

She was a little nervous at first but then got the hang of it!

Our friends - the Barrys with Uncle Nate in the background

Austin on the parachute again

Daddy was really getting in to this game! The goal was to run around the parachute until you fell. For some reason, all the kids kept falling in front of John...

Climbing around


Go Addie go!

Austin on the train - he loved it!

Our attempt at a group shot with all the kids.

Austin and Addie in the swing while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to them. Addie was so cute - she was singing along (although her version is "happy to you")

Me and my princess

Even our little friends Ava and Declan came! Addie was super sweet with them.

My birthday kiddos

Sledding around...

Such a cutie...

Blowing their candles out (Addie actually blew hers out all by herself - Austin still needed a little help)

Addie is really in to her cake!

Must eat more sugar...

Grayson snoozed through most of the festivities...

Granddaddy feeding Weston

Happy 2nd birthday my sweet A-Team. Based on the way you crashed into your beds, I think y'all had a lot of fun!! We love you!