We're 2!

Can it be???? Do I really have 2 year olds? I feel like we were just celebrating their first birthday and I'm not sure where this last year has gone. Oh wait - I remember - I was like 20 months pregnant in the hottest summer ever.

Austin and Addie are just amazing. They have developed such unique personalities and are becoming such little people - not really my babies anymore. They understand when we tell them to do something and can communicate back. Most of it is still pretty unintelligible but we still carry on "conversations." It's really funny to watch Austin and Addison talk. They can have a complete conversation which I understand none of, yet they seem to get it. I sometimes wonder if they will take longer to develop their speech because of this "twinspeak."

For their 2nd birthday, John and I bought the toddler rails to convert their crib to a bed. They love it! Austin and Addie are still great night-time sleepers. We put them down around 7:00 and they wake up around 6:30. Naptime is a different story - it's a toss up on whether or not Addie will actually go to sleep easily. Now that she can get out of bed, we have found her jumping in Austin's bed. Austin might actually nap if he didn't have a partner in crime.

Austin - you are such a joy in my life. There are so many things I love about you and so many little things I want to remember about this age. So here's my list:

- You are so quick to smile and have the loudest laugh
- You are pretty social and make friends easily.
- You love to read books and will snuggle when we watch TV (for 5 minutes anyway).
- You LOVE your sister. If she isn't within eyesight, you ask "Where Addie go?" You call her Addie girl which absolutely, completely melts my heart.
- On the flipside, Addie can frustrate you and make you mad like no other. If she tells you no, you'll scream no back to her and it becomes a yelling match. But two seconds after a disagreement, y'all kiss and makeup.
- You are becoming quite the little jokester. If you are in your highchair, you'll act like you've dropped something. So because I'm such a fabulous mom, I'll get up to look for it. And you'll pull whatever it is out from behind your back with the biggest smile on your face. I love it.
- You can't sleep without your doggie and your thumb firmly attached to your mouth.
-  You like to grab both of our cheeks to pull us in for sweet kisses
- You love to throw and kick a ball. We're trying to work on catching one but mostly it just hits you in the face (which elicits a hearty laugh) or just rolls out of your arms.
- You make a roaring sound for lions, bears, dinosaurs, birds, pigs and goats. Pretty much all animals. Only dogs, cats and ducks get their appropriate sounds.
- You call everything sweet to eat a "yummy."
- You and Addie have discovered the joys of puddle jumping.
- After the prayer before we eat, you emphatically say "Amen." You are a good Baptist in the making!
- You are protective of your sister. Laura said at daycare if anyone is bothering Addie, you come put your arms around her. I hope you'll continue to build that protective nature because Daddy is going to need some help fending off guys in the future.

Addison - you are my little princess. Every day I feel like you are doing something new. Just recently I feel like you are attached at my hip - something I won't complain about! Here's your list:

- You are shy in big groups and take some time to warm up to new people
- You are a girlie tomboy. You love dirt and outside and jumping off the couch with your brother - all with painted toenails and a tutu.
- You are becoming quite opinionated on which shoes you wear for the day. In fact - we sent you to daycare in the flip flops you insisted on wearing in 40 degree weather (parent of the year awards are in the mail right now).
-You like having your hair in pigtails - finally! And once I finish putting your hair up, you say "I wanna see."
- Your new fave phrase "I don't want to (insert word here)."
- You are getting good at going to the potty. If you can't get into the bathroom, you are ok pulling your diaper off and peeing on the floor. (We are heavy Resolve investors)
- You have this sly smile that can get you whatever you want. Pretty sure your daddy has promised you a new car, a pony, a new puppy and anything else you can think of
- You are so sweet with your baby brothers. You like to make faces at them to get them to smile.
- You can stop my heart when you say "I love you mommy"
- You close your eyes and sing your heart out. You'll even hit the high notes when you channel your inner-Mariah.
- When you are looking for Austin, you ask "Where Addie go?" I guess you hear it so often from your brother, you take it to mean "Where's that other little person that I'm always with?"
- During our pre-meal prayers, you fold your hands, close your eyes and bow your head. And you'll peek over at your brother to see if he's doing the same. I know because I peek too. :)
- You love to "clean" things. You'll take a wipe and rub it on the couch, your crib, Austin - whatever is dirty!
- You love wearing Daddy's swim goggles - not sure why! But you coordinate them with a pair of high heels and are ready to go!

My sweet A-Team, I love you more than you will ever know. I pray that you continue to grow into content, God-loving little people. You both bring so much happiness to this family and I am excited to see what your futures hold. Happy birthday!