We're 5 Months Old!!

The boys are 5 months old and so much fun! Grayson and Weston are both quick to smile and love to laugh. I've discovered tickle spots on both and I choose to use this knowledge a lot - I can't get enough of their giggles. They are also pretty good about letting me take 5000 pictures of them. I like this age because they don't run away when the camera comes out (like a certain pair of 2 year olds I know).

Weston and Grayson have recently "found" each other. They will stop playing every once in a while to look over and laugh or smile at the other one. It's exciting to watch the beginning of their bonding. It makes me so happy that they will never know life without their twin!

The boys eat 5 times a day, 6-8 ounces each time. Grayson's calories seem to go right to his chubby thighs, whereas Weston is all cheeks! They also eat rice cereal once a day. Grayson is still the rice cereal eating champ. I think Weston could take it or leave it. Because of all of the grub, the boys have outgrown their 3-6 month stuff and are now wearing 6-9 month clothing. They are in size 2 diapers although those are getting a little snug around their thighs.

A few weeks ago, John and I stopped doing their dream feed at night. So the boys sleep from about 7:45ish to 7:30. Once again, God has blessed us with nighttime sleepers! Daytime is another story. I feel like we're moving towards a better nap schedule but they still only sleep about an hour each nap. I guess they are much more interested in playing with each other than snoozing!

Grayson - you are my perfectly adorable, blue-eyed cutie. Here are some things about you:
- Daddy calls you Squeaks because you LOVE to talk - loudly. You like to yell at the top of your lungs just to remind us you are here. You may be upgraded from Squeaks to Shrieks.
- You can roll everywhere! Recently you have learned the art of rotating so you can pretty much get to any toy you put your sights on to. You also have a tendency to get half-stuck under the couch.
- You have 2 bottom teeth and it looks like some top teeth are going to come in over the next month. I forget how much those little puppy teeth hurt when you chew!
- You like to chew on everything that comes within a 5 foot radius of your mouth. You aren't picky on what to gnaw on - just as long as you have something!
- You are getting little dimples in your cheeks.
- You laugh when I rub your earlobes. Speaking of which, I think you might be growing in to your old man earlobes.
- You can't sleep on your back. When we set you down, you instantly flip over to your tummy. Your preferred position is on your tummy, butt high in the air. Sometimes you suck your thumb too.

Weston - you are my incredibly sweet, snuggly little man. Here are some things about you:
- Daddy calls you Pillow Cheeks, aka Cheeks, because of your chubby, kissable, squeezable cheeks.
- You still haven't rolled over but you are working really hard on going from back to front. You are really good at tummy time and can hold your head up well.
- You like to lay on the activity mat and shake/grab toys in both hands, all while kicking other toys with your feet.
- You are perfectly content to snuggle and sit in my lap.
- You have one tooth that is barely visible - I bet it will break through soon!
- When you see Grayson, your whole face lights up. You smile so big that I seriously think you might break your cheeks.
- Your eyes look like they are slowly turning green. I'd love if our eye color matched.
-  One of your tickle spots is your cheeks. Your other is the rolls on your thighs.

Grayson and Weston, y'all are just the lights of our lives. We love watching you grow and learn new things everyday. Although y'all add a certain level of craziness, our family just was not complete without you!