Eat Your Veggies!

Tonight the boys started on a culinary journey with green beans! The green beans were met with a mixed review.

Weston before his first bite...

No real reaction - we think he liked it!

Grayson before his first bite...

He insisted on feeding himself (uh - is this Addison all over again?)

He also seemed to like the first couple of bites. John apparently took too long so Gray was forced to eat his bib.

I'm not sure what changed halfway through - maybe the boys realized they were eating unseasoned, pureed green beans. But finally we got the reactions we were looking for!

What we didn't capture with this picture was the shudder from Gray that accompanied this face.

At least we ended with smiles!

Yay for green beans! We'll try this a couple more nights before moving on!


6 Month Checkup

We headed to Dr. G's for the boys' 6 month check up today. Dr. G said that they look awesome and gave them both an A+!

Grayson read up on all of their vaccines before seeing the doctor. He weighed in at 16 lbs, 8.5 oz (25-50th percentile), is 26 inches long (50th perentile) and his head is 17 inches (50th percentile). Dr. G said that he had great weight gain. Gray also decided to show off with some pushups.

Weston weighed in at 16 lbs, 10.5 oz (40-50th percentile), is 26.3 inches long (50-60th percentile) and his head is 17 inches (50th percentile). I was amazed that there is only a 2 ounce difference between the boys - I swear Weston looks and feels heavier! Dr. G pointed out how strong Weston is and that he's doing a great job growing!

Dr. G said that we can start them on fruits and veggies, in addition to the cereal. Plus since they are getting so mobile he reminded us to re-babyproof our house!

We'll go back to check their growth when they are 9 months old!


Adios 2012

To celebrate all of the Slalomers hard work, John's company whisked us off to a weekend at La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa. I highly recommend this place for a quick getaway weekend or a trip with the kids! It was Hawaiian themed and it didn't take long for John to don a hat and coconut bra. We hardly ever take pics together and this is what we got! Keeping it classy...

Some of the Slalom folks!

What is it about a coconut bra that makes everyone want to get a little handsy?

It was a little chilly outside for the pool but John vowed that he could not leave these slides unslidden (I know - not a word). I wish I would have taken a video instead of just a picture. You could listen to John scream like a 15 year old girl as he slid down!

After John played on the slides, we headed over to the spa for a couples massage. I've got one word for it - amazing!

Before dinner the second night...

John is always the first to volunteer - especially to learn to hula!

Even hiding in the back, I somehow got dragged into this one.

The fire guy!

And John - still learning to hula...

Thanks Slalom for another great Adios weekend! It was nice to get away for some adult time but I sure was ready to get back and see our munchkins!!


We're 6 Months Old!

Since Mommy and Daddy went away for the weekend and missed our 6 month birthday, we're writing our own post! Everyone says that we're at a really fun age right now. We like to laugh and smile a lot! More and more, we are starting to "play" with each other. We like to stare and giggle at each other - and play with whatever toy the other one has!

We eat 5 times a day, 6-8 ounces each time. We definitely like to eat and have the chubby thighs to prove it! We also eat rice cereal (not our fave!), oats and we're trying barley today. We're excited to start moving on to real food!

We are still really good sleepers. We sleep from about 7:45 pm to 7:30 am. During the day, we take about 3 hour-long naps. We know Mommy would like for us to sleep a little longer during the day so she can get more work done but we like playing more!

We have moved up to size 3 diapers. Apparently our chubby thighs are too big for the smaller diapers! We know Mommy and Daddy think we're getting way too big too fast but we're growing men! We've outgrown a lot of our clothes and have moved up to 6-9 month stuff.

Hi there - Grayson here! I am all over the place! I haven't figured out how to crawl on my hands and knees yet but I'm working on it. I get around pretty well by rolling and doing a modified army crawl/leg drag. Mommy says that I look like a zombie when I move around! I like to get into everything I can. If my big brother and sister leave any paper or crayons on the ground, I will eat it! I have started trying to pull up on things - nothing in the game room is safe from me!

I have 2 teeth and I think I'm going to get some new ones soon. I am drooling a lot and bite really hard! I am definitely the most outgoing twin. I'm very quick to smile and laugh with new people!

My turn - Weston here! I am Mommy and Daddy's big snuggler. I could snuggle all day long! I haven't rolled over and I definitely haven't started crawling. I'm pretty content just to hang out and take everything in. When doing tummy time, I do like to "swim." I like to laugh at the things my brothers and sister do. I especially think it's funny when Grayson rolls over on top of me. I think we're going to have some great wrestling matches when we're bigger!

I have two teeth and like to chew on things. I don't think I'm getting new teeth yet - I just like to show off the ones that I already have. I'm a little tougher cookie to crack with strangers - I don't give my smiles to just anyone!

We know Mommy and Daddy can't wait to get back to us and give us kisses for our 6 month birthday!  Happy half-birthday to us!


Coming to Summer Olympics 2012...

Couch Diving!!! And the A-Team plans on being part of the inaugural US team. So in order to win the gold, they have started practicing their skills!

Austin's big jump!

Addie's big leap!

Going from the higher platform...

Time for doubles couch diving!

Look at that form!

We're still working on their landing...


Happy Easter!

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." How blessed we are that God sacrificed his Son to wash our sins away. We are so undeserving of His grace and I am so thankful He loves us more than I could ever fathom!

I tried to teach Addie to yell "I love Jesus" as loud as she could. When she said it, sounded a little more like "I love Judas." Hmmm....maybe not the best thing for Easter. We'll keep working on that one!

We celebrated Easter with church, lunch with my parents and an Easter egg hunt. For church, we attempted to bring Austin and Addie into the service with us. That lasted about 20 minutes until John whisked them off to the nursery.

After a yummy prime rib lunch, I set out Easter eggs for the A-Team. Weston and Grayson were sweet and slept most of the time we were there so we could focus on the big kids. I don't think Austin and Addie still completely understood the concept of looking for eggs. It was more find one egg, open it, give it to the other one if it wasn't candy and repeat.

Austin found a couple of eggs with M&Ms in them and promptly shoved every single one in his mouth.

Taking a break to inhale more candy...

My princess striking a pose!

Austin is so excited to find more candy! I'm pretty sure at this point he's oscillating because of sugar overload. And he shoved too many M&Ms in and drooled it all over his white shirt. Note to self - don't put the messy kid in white!

My sweet angels!

Addie showing off her blue tongue.

The boys...

Happy Easter!



Good Friday was a beautiful day - God blessed us with the perfect weather to take bluebonnet pics!! Our fabulous friend Casey took a zillion pictures and we ended up with so many good ones! She did such a great job capturing sweet moments and some fun ones too!

Speaking of sweet, this picture melts my heart!

Some of my other faves...

Grayson and Weston weren't so into the bluebonnets. Grayson broke out all over and Weston just cried.

On the way back to our car, Austin and Addie found a huge mud puddle. After getting the mommy ok, they both went flying into it!

It's a little too late Addie Bear. Your dress is already filthy!

John had to chase down Austin to get him out!