Adios 2012

To celebrate all of the Slalomers hard work, John's company whisked us off to a weekend at La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa. I highly recommend this place for a quick getaway weekend or a trip with the kids! It was Hawaiian themed and it didn't take long for John to don a hat and coconut bra. We hardly ever take pics together and this is what we got! Keeping it classy...

Some of the Slalom folks!

What is it about a coconut bra that makes everyone want to get a little handsy?

It was a little chilly outside for the pool but John vowed that he could not leave these slides unslidden (I know - not a word). I wish I would have taken a video instead of just a picture. You could listen to John scream like a 15 year old girl as he slid down!

After John played on the slides, we headed over to the spa for a couples massage. I've got one word for it - amazing!

Before dinner the second night...

John is always the first to volunteer - especially to learn to hula!

Even hiding in the back, I somehow got dragged into this one.

The fire guy!

And John - still learning to hula...

Thanks Slalom for another great Adios weekend! It was nice to get away for some adult time but I sure was ready to get back and see our munchkins!!