Happy Easter!

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." How blessed we are that God sacrificed his Son to wash our sins away. We are so undeserving of His grace and I am so thankful He loves us more than I could ever fathom!

I tried to teach Addie to yell "I love Jesus" as loud as she could. When she said it, sounded a little more like "I love Judas." Hmmm....maybe not the best thing for Easter. We'll keep working on that one!

We celebrated Easter with church, lunch with my parents and an Easter egg hunt. For church, we attempted to bring Austin and Addie into the service with us. That lasted about 20 minutes until John whisked them off to the nursery.

After a yummy prime rib lunch, I set out Easter eggs for the A-Team. Weston and Grayson were sweet and slept most of the time we were there so we could focus on the big kids. I don't think Austin and Addie still completely understood the concept of looking for eggs. It was more find one egg, open it, give it to the other one if it wasn't candy and repeat.

Austin found a couple of eggs with M&Ms in them and promptly shoved every single one in his mouth.

Taking a break to inhale more candy...

My princess striking a pose!

Austin is so excited to find more candy! I'm pretty sure at this point he's oscillating because of sugar overload. And he shoved too many M&Ms in and drooled it all over his white shirt. Note to self - don't put the messy kid in white!

My sweet angels!

Addie showing off her blue tongue.

The boys...

Happy Easter!