Happy Mother's Day!

I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest for a card with flowers made out of handprints. So I helped Austin and Addie create their masterpieces. I even had them make an extra one on the off-chance John forgot to buy a card (which he did - gee I know him so well!) The cards turned out nothing like what I saw on Pinterest but they were still perfect. 

After church, I wanted to attempt a picture with all of my sweet babies. Someone (who shall remain nameless) was tired and really hungry. So he didn't really cooperate for the pic. But I figure 3 out of 4 isn't bad!

My hungry grump hiding in the curtains (I just don't have the heart to tell him that he's easy to find in sheer curtains).

After a glorious nap (thanks John!), we headed to Jason and Ashley's for an early dinner. The A-Team loved running around with their cousins and I loved getting all of their energy out!

Pretty decent shot of the cousins

Even with an upset Weston, it just doesn't get more perfect than this! I am so blessed that God has allowed me be their mom. 

Addie rocking her pink boots.

Grayson trying to hang with the big kids...

Just hanging out under the slide...

I love this picture - it captures the true Addie. Feisty and fabulous!

This little man makes my heart melt...

Happy Mother's Day!!