Little Sushi Fans..Or Not.

Friday night we picked up sushi for dinner. We wanted to see what Austin and Addie thought of it to see if they would be good dates to our fave sushi place.

Austin was really excited to play with the chopsticks.

Austin opening wide for the first bite!

After spitting out the part that he tried, Austin scooted far away from John.

Addie thought it was fun to stab her chicken tender and eat it with a chopstick. (Don't judge on the chicken tenders - right now that's a guaranteed thing that the A-Team will eat!)

After watching Austin gag and spit out the California roll like we'd fed him bugs, Addie refused to even try!

So sushi wasn't a fave for the A-Team. We'll just stick to chicken tenders - eaten with chopsticks of course!