Memorial Day Weekend!

Like most other people I know, I love a long weekend. And this past weekend we got to spend some really good family time together! John and I made the decision not to focus on any housework Saturday or Sunday and just play!

Couch-diving practice - this has become quite the regular at our house!

Addie taking flight!

An attempt at getting a pic of the four - tired Austin wanted none of it!

Addie loving on Weston...

Grayson didn't want to miss out on a chance of sisterly love!

Addie made the mistake of laying down. This resulted in an Addie doggie pile!

Addie helped me make banana bread. I tried to teach her about measuring and how to crack an egg. She thought slamming them on the counter was much more fun than tapping on the side of the bowl. 

Luckily we had extra bananas for my little monkey!

Dumping the cinammon in - she didn't really understand a "pinch"

Flying a kite with Daddy!

Not only does our couch provide a great platform for diving, it is also the perfect place for a fort!

A view from outside the fort...

We are so blessed to live in a free country. We know that this freedom comes with great sacrifice. Thank you to all of the men and women who serve or have served our country so selflessly. Thank you to the men and women who have given up their lives to protect us. And thank you to all of the husbands, wives, mothers and fathers who allow their family members to serve our country so that I can enjoy the time with my family. Happy Memorial Day!!