We're 7 Months Old!!

Holy moly - it has happened again! Another month has disappeared without me even realizing it. Before I know it, Weston and Grayson will be driving! I am loving this age. It's fun to watch them discover new things, try new foods and figure each other out. I made the assumption that they would be similar because they are boy twins but that couldn't be farther from the truth. West and Gray are so incredibly different with opposite personalities. They each complete this family in their own unique way.

Grayson and Weston are eating 5 bottles a day with 2 meals. They have tried barley, oatmeal and rice cereals as well as sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples, carrots, peaches, pears, green beans and avocado. I just started giving them Puffs but they haven't really figured out how to pick them up and make it all the way to their mouths. I'm hoping that in the next couple of weeks we'll be able to drop a bottle and go down to 4.

The boys are still great night-time sleepers. We put them down around 7:30ish and they sleeping until 7:00 - 7:30ish. Right now they are in a transition time of naps. I feel like they are getting longer but are shifting times. So I'm trying to figure out how to get work done around their new schedule. As far as clothes, they have outgrown most 6 month stuff and are into 9 month outfits. They are still in size 3 diapers.

Grayson, if there is a phrase to describe you at this age, it's hot mess. You love to pull up onto EVERYTHING and you are in to EVERYTHING. Poor guy, you have bruises on your head because even though you like to stand up, your balance isn't spectacular. Hopefully this is just a phase and not a trait you inherited from your Grandma West. You still aren't doing a "true" crawl but you can army crawl with the best of them! Pretty sure you'd win the gold at the Olympics.

You have your 2 bottom teeth and are getting 2 top teeth in. Not the front teeth but the fangs - that's going to look interesting if those front ones don't grow in ASAP!

Grayson, you have this huge smile and captivating laugh. You are pretty quick to share that smile with everyone.

This is the face that greets me in the morning:

Helping with the laundry...

Poor Stellar - nowhere is safe!

Getting some Addie love...

Weston, you are still my sweet, gentle son. You are rolling pretty consistently from back to front. And just recently, you have rolled front to back - yay! You can sit up for about 2 seconds before you topple over. Weston, you are pretty chill. You like to hang back and take it all in. You have these thoughtful eyes that are well on their way to being green like mine.

You have 2 bottom teeth and your top 2 teeth are coming in. These seem to hurt you a little more so we're pretty good friends with Orajel right now. Hopefully they will break through quickly!

You have a huge, bright smile. And I LOVE your laugh. You save your hearty laughs for Daddy and me. Because you aren't crazy and mobile, you are pretty cuddly. I cherish these snuggle times because it won't last forever!

Working on your Superman moves...

I love this face...

Weston and Grayson - we love you so much. You are both such a blessing in our lives and we love watching you grow! We are excited to see what this next month holds!