We're 8 Months Old!

Ummm...seriously? 8 months old? Time seems to be passing faster and faster! Weston and Grayson are so much fun to watch right now. They are starting to "play" more together. Typically that involves Grayson taking whatever toy Weston is holding and Weston laughing like a maniac at him.

Weston and Grayson are still great eaters. They eat solids for breakfast and dinner. They have tried a lot of fruits and veggies and have recently been introduced to chicken and turkey. Weston and Grayson are starting out on self-feeding as well with puffs, mum-mums and pasta. Self-feeding is really just scooping up a bunch of food, shoving it in the general direction of their faces and God performing a miracle if it actually makes it in their mouths. They also still have 4 bottles a day. At night, it's fun because all 6 of us eat as a family - a tradition we want to keep going as long as possible!

We typically put the boys down around 7:00ish. We have started the habit of Austin and Addison helping say prayers with them each night. They sleep until 7:00 - 7:30 am. I love seeing those sweet little faces in the morning!  During the day, the boys still take 3 naps although the 3rd one is definitely getting short. I imagine that in the next month they will be down to 2.

They still wear size 3 diapers although that might change soon. As far as clothes, they are pretty solidly in 9 month gear. They have several 6 month onesies that I am too lazy haven't had a chance to pull out. It takes an act of Congress to get those snapped.

Grayson - if you are awake, you are on the move! You are such a fast crawler and have recently started cruising. Based on all of the bruises on your forehead, you aren't very good at it yet. You try hard to keep up with your older brother and sister. You'll be there soon!

When you are in the mood, you'll yell non-stop. I have a feeling you are going to take after Austin in that you don't have an inside voice. You have the prettiest blue eyes that light up when you smile. Which is often. Your daddy calls you Hippo because of your teeth. Up until a couple of days ago, you were missing your front two teeth but had the side teeth. But luckily you are working on those front two so you won't look like a hippo much longer! You have 6 teeth total.

Grayson, I love watching your little mind work and figure things out. Keep on growing my sweet little man!

Weston - you are such an amazing little man. You have one of the sweetest smiles in the world and a captivating laugh. You are rolling all over the place and have started trying to pull up on things. Slowly but surely, you'll catch up to your brother! You can sit for about 10 seconds or so before you topple over.

You have 5 teeth so far and you like to show them off. You still like to gnaw on things so I'm guessing #6 is coming in. You love your big sister and laugh hysterically when she tickles you. I think that y'all are going to have a special bond. Maybe because y'all are going to be our green eyed children (fingers crossed they keep changing to green)!

Weston - I love your smile, your laugh and your gentle soul. I'm so glad that you are my youngest, snuggliest son!

Grayson and Weston - we are having so much fun with you right now and love watching you grow. We love you both so much!