Hanging By the Pool

Our neighbors were so nice to let us poolsit while they went on vacation. We took Austin and Addie over there while the boys were napping (yay for the baby monitor reaching!) and they fell in LOVE. Everytime we see the pool, Addie asks if she can go play in "her" pool. We have decided that a pool is a must in our next house!

A few pics before they are soaking wet...

A hug!

Austin and Addie chilling in their puddle jumpers. We quickly realized that this are a requirement because Addie doesn't seem to care if she sinks when she jumps in. We are happy that we have fearless kids but I do wish they were a little more scared of the water!

Addie taking flight!

Austin's turn!

So happy and thankful the Drysdales shared their pool with us!