Happy Birthday Superman/Super Daddy!

Today is John's birthday - the big 3-3 (the last official year of his early 30s in my opinion). I am so blessed to have him as my husband and father of my children. In keeping with our theme of "we're the parents of 4 small children and have no energy," we kept his birthday lowkey. The timing of John's birthday lines up well with Fireside Pie's hatch chile pizza - yummy!

Addie playing with Grandpa...

Grayson enjoying a little pizza...

Weston in all of his cuteness...

Thsi is what our table looks like with 2 babies, 2 toddlers and 4 adults smooshed around it...

Our beautiful princess...

John blowing out his cake (yes - I'm totally aware that it looks like a 5 year old made it)...

Addie savoring cake...

Austin really enjoying his cake...

Austin took my mom's cake, dumped it on his plate and proclaimed "Grandma's done!" He then ate the rest of her cake...

This kid is a mess but we'll keep him!

Addie and West...

John opening presents with his "helpers"

Grandma and Weston

Austin trying on Daddy's new shoes!

Happy birthday John! We love you!


We're 10 Months Old!

At this age, this is about as good as it gets for a sock monkey pictures. I took about 30 pictures, with this being the best. The other ones have someone on the move, both on the move or the camera being attacked by 2 little boys on the move (notice the theme here?).  They are busy! It's fun to watch them explore and "play" together.

Weston and Grayson are still really really really good eaters. We're down to 3 bottles a day and then they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have tried a lot of veggies, fruits and meats and so far there doesn't seem to be anything that they have turned down. Cheerios are still a fan favorite as well as anything in the fruit department. We're still working on sippy cups but there are some days that the cups are more instruments to bang on trays than actual drinking devices.

Sleep is also still a successful area for these guys. We put them down between 7:00 - 7:15 each night and they sleep until about 7:00 or so. During the day, they take solid morning and afternoon naps. I feel like we have a really good routine going between playtime and me working.

Most of their clothes are 9-12 month things. They are still in size 3 diapers but getting ready to make the jump to size 4. Some days I have a hard time with them getting so big! Where did my sweet little newborns go???

Grayson, if there was one word to describe you this month, it's climber. You have figured out how to push your dino around and use it as a stepstool to get to where you want to go. Unfortunately, you also like to use your brother's head/back - without permission. This means that my laptop is no longer safe on the couch!

You recently have started standing up without having to hold onto anything else. You've also started taking steps. I bet in the next month or so, you'll be walking! I have tried about 1000 times to get a video of you taking a stroll but it's about impossible by myself.

Grayson, you are sweet and funny and so perfect. You are independent but still a great snuggler. You like to say something that is pretty close to "my mama." And I'm so proud to be your mama!

Weston, you are making huge strides in the movement department. This month you are solidly army crawling and sometimes get up on your hands and knees. Just within the past couple of days, you've started getting into a sitting position on your own and if we get you up, you'll stand. Yay for you! I bet you'll catch up to your brother in no time!

You are generally a pretty happy kid although you've got a pesky tooth coming in that's causing some pain. You are content to sit back and watch your siblings be crazy people - all with a huge smile on your face! You take in the world with those big green (heck yeah they are green!) eyes.

Weston - you are so snuggly, lovable and 100% adorable. I love how expressive you are (like Blue Steel above) and your shy laugh. I'm so blessed you are mine!

Grayson and Weston - we love all of the things you bring to our family - we aren't complete without you!


Baby Dedication

God has given us the privilege and huge responsibility to raise our children to know God and love and serve Him. Wow – talk about a big job! Today we dedicated Grayson and Weston to publicly tell everyone that we commit to raising our kids in a Christian household that loves and serves God! As I thought about it today, it can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, we have a pretty big partner in this – John and I will set a good example and give them the opportunities to learn the Gospel and God will do the rest.

Gray is ready to get his dedicate on...

Weston is not quite as excited...

The cousins before we start...

Poor Wyatt is getting plenty of toddler snacks shoved into his mouth!

The Rosies on stage (we're minus one - he HAD to go potty)

And he's back!

Austin desperately wants to go jump in the baptismal. Desperately. Would probably give up birthday and Christmas toys for years to do it.

Our amazing Pastor Chuck!

Austin and Addie's fave part - cupcakes with Aunt Ashley and Grandma!

Cupcakes and juice is a close second to jumping in the baptismal - and it's mom-approved.

There was a point of the service where Austin crawled into my lap and curled into me. His head tucks perfectly under my chin. We sang Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace and I cried. I am reminded that I have such a short time that Austin will crawl into my lap and fit there so perfectly. Relatively speaking, I have such a short time to teach him values and show him how to know God. I love this little man!

Too busy shoving cupcake in to smile. But still the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4


We're 2.5!

Since a year is a looooong time to wait to do updates - here are some quick Austin and Addie updates!

The A-Team are crazy, rambunctious and sweet little people (are they still toddlers?? I don't know!). They play hard but still recognize when Mommy or Daddy could use a little snuggle time. Recently we've noticed that Austin and Addie are so thoughtful with each other. If getting a snack, they make sure to get two to share with the other one. They like playing weird games that they come up with together. They like hanging out and watching movies together. This is not to say that they don't still fight like cats and dogs sometimes but they are definitely best friends.

I wish I could figure out their eating patterns. Austin and Addie either completely clear their plates and ask for more or they eat a bite of air and say they are full. One day they love bananas, the next day they are gross. Oh well...I assume that will get better someday!

Potty training is still going well. They have accidents every once in a while and are still in diapers at night but we're moving in the right direction!

Austin - you are such a light in our lives. You have the brightest blue eyes that are usually smiling. Here are some things you are up to:
- You love playing chase and "hiding" behind our sheer curtains. I love when you come over and smile your devilish grin and say "you can't get me!"
- You love Stellar a lot - it's really cute when you sit and talk to him or try to lay on his back.
- You love your sister even more than Stellar. You like to bring her snacks and ask if she wants to play. You still call her Addie Girl....which I adore.
- You are sweet to your brothers but sometimes don't understand that they aren't quite walking yet.
- You are oddly obsessed with stickers. It's a must for you to have no less than 2 stickers at all times. I'm honestly not sure why these are a vital part of your life.
- When you ask for something, you say please in the absolutely most precious voice.
- When you grab my cheeks and give me a sloppy good night kiss, you capture my heart a little more.

Addie - you are most definitely the most perfect princess I've ever met. Here are some things you are up to:
- We're pretty sure that you are going to be the boss of the kids. You are really good at keeping everyone in line.
- You are still working on your singing career and love to sing...loudly.
- You love love love your big brother. If Austin falls or bonks his head, you are first on the scene to ask if he's ok.
- You wake up at least once a night crying. I'm pretty sure it's your way to get Daddy to snuggle with you for a little bit, something he doesn't mind at all!
- You are pretty fearless so you get a lot of scrapes and bruises. This means you ask for a lot of bandaids.
- You are so sweet with your little brothers. You talk to them in baby voices and make sure they have food on their trays or toys to play with.
- You love sparkly things and playing dressup. This makes me so happy - I look forward to all of the girly things we can do!

Austin and Addie - y'all are so much fun and amazing to watch grow. It's awesome to watch your personalities grow and your bond strengthen. We love you both so much and are so blessed that you are our A-Team!


A Miracle!

Our little princess loves all things shiny so when John took his wedding ring off to yard work, Addie pounced all over it. Later, when John couldn't find his ring, we turned to Addie for answers. Her response was "outside in the grass." Awesome. We hunted around for it for a while and couldn't find it.

John decided the next best place to look is under the deck. We propped it up and discovered all of the creepy crawly monsters of our house live there. It was disgusting! I went inside to let John do the dirty work.

John rocking the naked finger!

When I went inside, I said a prayer that God would make John's wedding ring sparkly and easy to find. A couple of minutes later, John poked his head inside and said he thought he saw something sparkly. How amazing that he used my same word I had just prayed!

Anyways, God is good and led John back to his wedding ring so we are officially married again. :) And John learned a very important lesson - don't leave shiny things so close to the princess - she'll swipe it!


Pump It Up!

We continued the birthday fun and went to Pump It Up to celebrate Cade's birthday. This was Austin and Addie's first time and they had a blast!

Austin headed down the slide. This kid had no fear!

Addie scaling the wall like a champ!

Austin climbing...

Even John got in on the fun!

Addie showing off her dismount!

The birthday boy wasn't super excited about posing for a picture.

The promise of cake got him to turn around!

A little A-Team love!

Austin giving his sister a big kiss!