A Miracle!

Our little princess loves all things shiny so when John took his wedding ring off to yard work, Addie pounced all over it. Later, when John couldn't find his ring, we turned to Addie for answers. Her response was "outside in the grass." Awesome. We hunted around for it for a while and couldn't find it.

John decided the next best place to look is under the deck. We propped it up and discovered all of the creepy crawly monsters of our house live there. It was disgusting! I went inside to let John do the dirty work.

John rocking the naked finger!

When I went inside, I said a prayer that God would make John's wedding ring sparkly and easy to find. A couple of minutes later, John poked his head inside and said he thought he saw something sparkly. How amazing that he used my same word I had just prayed!

Anyways, God is good and led John back to his wedding ring so we are officially married again. :) And John learned a very important lesson - don't leave shiny things so close to the princess - she'll swipe it!