More Hang Gliding

Some additional hang gliding pics...
I forgot my sunglasses so these are what I was suited up with!
Taking off!

So peaceful and amazing!

John and Bart striking a pose!
Gliding in the sun!  (John is the little tiny speck towards the bottom)

John and Bart - back on solid ground!

Ah Wyoming

For our 5 year anniversary, John and I left the kiddos with the grandparents and headed to Jackson, WY. Neither of us had been there before and it didn't disappoint!! First of all, the temperatures were amazing - lows in the 30s and highs in the 60s/70s. Coming from the 90 degree weather in Frisco, this was fabulous! Secondly, everyone we met was so friendly. Everyone lives life at a slower pace - I could get used to mountain time!
John and I stayed in a condo for the first half of the trip then moved to a resort for the second half. It was fun to be able to cook meals (without 4 kids crying or running around or asking for snacks) and just relax. The condo had a reading nook and when we weren't out hiking, I lived in my nook. I finished several books while we were there - something I haven't had time to do in forever!

That little speck on the picture is John. We had the incredible experience of hang gliding. The picture above is the mountain that we got to hang glide over. Although I was terrified when John told me what we were doing, it ended up being an awesome experience!

Forever West baby!

This is Teton Pass overlooking the valley where the cities of Wilson and Jackson are.

John playing in Snake River

Grand Teton!

Jenny Lake - one of the most gorgeous views. Ever.

Hidden Falls

There are an amazing amount of chipmunks in the area. And they aren't shy!

Cascade Canyon...

Oh you know - just hanging with Mama Moose.

And Mr. Moose.

Glaciers - so cool

Inspiration Point - This overlooks Jenny Lake.

When we got back to our condo, our pal Morty was hanging out about 10 feet from our door.

We ended up way off trail (I had our bear spray ready!) and we ran across these little guys - otters!

Sleeping Indian

Perfect end to a day

Grand Teton National Park

They don't play about the bears around there. Luckily we didn't run into any.

After waiting about 2 minutes, Old Faithful didn't disappoint!

This was John's fave geyser - Sawmills. Anytime he got close, it sprayed higher.

Excelsior - it looks gorgeous with that aqua water but it's steaming hot!

Grand Prismatic Pool - these colors were unreal


This is the view from Uncle Tom's Trail in Yellowstone. It's 328 scary, metal, see-through, barely bolted to the cliff (ok - it's probably secure) stairs that lead down to the base of this waterfall and canyon. It's gorgeous.

Loved Ernest the Elk just hanging by the side of the road. He didn't care that there were 50 people within 10 feet of him snapping pics! Clearly everyone missed the memo about staying 25 yards away from these guys.

This was a perfect and amazing trip! We have about a million photos from our phones that haven't been uploaded yet. More pics in another post!

It was really nice to get away but I was ready to get back to our super sweet munchkins! Pretty sure my parents were ready too! :)


We're 11 Months Old!

Ack!!! How is this possible? We are just one month away from the big 1! Life with Grayson and Weston just keeps getting better. They are busy little guys with big personalities! Gray and West are typically pretty happy guys - unless they are hungry. It's fun watching them together. It's like they finally see the other one as a playmate and not just "that other guy that Mommy plays with."

The boys are becoming chattier and experimenting more with their voices. Grayson prefers the all-out shriek and doesn't believe in an inside voice. Weston is more of the quiet babbler. They are both quick to laugh and each have such a unique giggle - I love it.

As far as eating, the boys eat three meals a day with one afternoon snack. And they eat A LOT. I cannot keep up with them! So far there hasn't been too much that they have turned down. We've made the switch to sippy cups 100% of the time. Yay for no more bottles!

The boys wear 12 month clothes although some of the pants are a little on the long side. I'm praying that they hit some leg growth spurts and that they didn't inherit my stumpy legs. We moved them up to size 4 diapers (on a side note, that's the size Austin and Addie can wear!)

For naps, Grayson and Weston take two good naps a day. At night, they sleep from 7:15ish to 7:00.

Grayson - you are a walking fool! It is your preferred method of getting around and you are definitely getting better. Recently you have been trying to "run" which usually results in a face plant but I love that you get right back up and try again! You typically have a mischievous glint in your eye and have been known to push toys around so you can climb up on the couch, the entertainment center and the toy chest. When I catch you, you shriek with laughter and try to get away.  

You just had a new tooth come in so you are up to 7. You are a big fan of flashing those teeth when you smile.

I love watching you with Austin and Addison. You want to be where they are and doing what they are doing. You aren't quite big enough to keep up but they are pretty good about including you.

Grayson, your smile warms my heart and your laughter brings me so much happiness. Please don't ever lose this fiesty spirit of yours. It is what makes you you!

Weston, you have made some big developmental strides this past month. You are crawling on your hands and knees for the most part, although you'll army crawl when you get tired. And today you started cruising! Something tells me that in the next couple of months, you'll be walking with the rest of the Rosie pack.

You are still my sweet little guy that likes sit back and watch your siblings run around. Although as you have become more mobile, you're starting to get into the action!

You have been working on your 8th tooth for a while and it's been a bear coming in. But it's in!

Weston, you are my gentle soul, my sweet snuggler. I love watching you take in the world with those big green eyes. 

Grayson and Weston - it is with a mixture sadness and happiness that we go into this next month. I'm getting a little nostalgic because in another month, I won't have babies anymore - you'll be 1 year olds!! I am happy because I am so excited to see what God has in store for you. We love you both so much!