A&M vs. SMU

It's that time of year again - SMU vs. A&M!
It was a gorgeous afternoon and our sweet little Weston was hanging out, ready to watch his Aggies defeat the Mustangs!!

What's that in the distance?? Is that a rival Mustang?

The opponents decided to put aside their differences and take a picture in brotherly love.

Weston was a little scared that his Aggies would pull a classic move and blow a big first half lead. Thank goodness big sister Addie was there to reassure him!

After a poor showing by the Mustangs in the first half, a worried Grayson tried to get June Jones on the phone.

In the end, A&M dominated in 48-3 victory. Gig em Aggies!!!

To be honest, this game didn't entertain either the Aggies or Mustangs!