Big News

Big news – I’m diving headfirst into a new business venture. A little nervous? Yes! Slightly overwhelmed and a little scared I’m off my rocker? Absolutely!   I’ve been praying for something to come along that will add additional income to cover the cost of four children. I feel like God has opened a door for my family.

I am starting a new business with Rodan and Fields!  Who? What?  Let me explain.

After this last pregnancy, I found that my skin was dull and not so young looking anymore. I have several friends that have used the Rodan and Fields Reverse line to return to that pre-pregnancy glow. I love that it is created by dermatologists but that I don’t actually have to go see a dermatologist. Because honestly, with four kids, I don’t have that kind of time!

I’ve always been a little skeptical of direct marketing companies. I’ve thought about doing things like this before but never liked the time commitment with parties or having to stock inventory. With Rodan and Fields, I can work completely on my own schedule and I don’t have to host parties.

Here are some things that really stand out about this company:

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields are two of the most highly recognized doctors in the business. They are the women that created this little product called Proactiv (sound familiar?)

The product lines are focused on treating common skincare concerns – wrinkles/aging, dullness/sun damage, redness/irritated skin and acne. It’s what they call bringing the dermatology office into the home.

Rodan and Fields made the decision to exit retail (like Nordstrom and Saks) and enter direct sales. Since then, they have seen overwhelming results!  

I’m so excited to start this business and to see where it grows!