Pumpkin Patch!

We loaded the fam and headed to Celina to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm! This place has a petting zoo, hayrides and pumpkins of course!

Weston and Grayson...

This is about as good as we could get for 4 kids. Addie was so not interested in pictures. Austin was dying to feed the cows. And the boys - they just wanted to eat rocks.

The fam

Austin and Addie feeding the sheep

Addie feeding the sheep and Austin feeding himself (gross)

Love this building but the A-Team clearly had better things to do!

I heart her.

This goat got some smiles! If it was allowed, I think Addie would have taken this goat home.

Addie likes to have things neat and organized (I just don't know where she gets it!). She made this orderly mama proud by lining up all of the pumpkins!

Weston hanging with his pumpkins

Lunch break! We learned the boys love hotdogs.

Another attempt to get the 4 of them

And another...

And another...I give up


Grayson licking the fence - of course!

I'm not totally sure how this happened by Gray fell in some pumpkin guts.

Austin wasn't quite ready to go so he got in some last minute pumpkin sprints!