Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. John and I have the most perfectly adorable children, a strong marriage and we are continually blessed by a God who loves us. Everyone is healthy and happy!

Love this rare pic of the 6 of us where everyone is looking at the camera. I also love the turkey shirts that Grandma Ruth made!

Our oldest turkey!

Weston trying to figure out the glass with Austin.

John and Grandpa Buddy...

Weston is so excited about his construction fork!

Entering the food coma...

An attempt to get them together...

Cheese! This girl is definitely a turkey...

Sleeveless shirt in November - Texas has sucked in the cold weather department this year.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Zoo!!

John was able to take a day off so we packed up all the kiddos and headed to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was amazing!! The kids did great and had a lot of fun. Austin and Addie ran from animal to animal and couldn't get enough! Addie liked the tigers (also known as dragons in her world) and Austin loved the reptiles (please God don't let him ask for a snake when he's older).

Trying to get the gorilla's attention

The carousel was a big hit. It took Austin a couple of times around to want to crawl on the horse but then he was ready to be right there with Addie!

Austin's little wingspan...

John joining in on the fun..

So glad that they were in the mood to participate in picture time

Another carousel shot...

And more pics...

Grayson was our navigator and pointing out where to go next. Weston was perfectly content playing with his new tractor!

Although it was a pretty long day and is about an hour each way, we'll definitely be back to the zoo!


Southbound 35

I love having my parents in Frisco but I miss out on a regular reason to go to Round Rock. So I packed up the A-Team and headed down south to visit some of my fave friends and their kids.
Austin and Addie giving Parker a ride in his super cool Gator (I'm pretty sure this will be a present for them soon!)

The Gator ran out of juice - thank goodness Mechanic Michael was around to save the day!

Addie is normally our shy one but she had no problem snuggling up to Michael!
After a long day, the kids snuggled up to hang out and watch a little Mickey Mouse Club.

It was so much fun to see friends and be back in one of my favorite towns. I can't wait to go back!


Say Cheese!

Our wonderful and incredibly patient friend Casey met us out at a park to try to capture some moments for us. And I think she did an amazing job! Love how she has captured our family perfectly!

I've Been Waiting....

For four years for new countertops. We always knew that we would replace them and we finally did!  Don't get me wrong - I love maroon - it is a symbol of the greatest school in the world. However, I don't like staring at it while I'm making dinner every night!