Happy Halloween

Disney/Pixar has been looking around for some new characters for the best cartoon they have ever produced. And they have finally found their subjects. I introduce to you....the Super Rosies!!!

They are faster than snails, more powerful than Daddy when he's sleeping and able to leap small curbs in a single bound! They are fueled by hugs and kisses and their main priority is finding candy!

Super Austin is trying to convince Super Weston that masks are cool. Super Addie has abandoned the mask and gone hunting for food. 

Backed to being masked and ready to conquer Grayhawk!

Super Grayson and Super Weston decided to go undercover as normal babies. But they kept their capes and masks close in case danger is near!

The Super Rosies let Aidan the Dragon come along on their adventures.

Super Austin and Super Addison approaching a spooky house in search of candy.

Through the tunnel to find more candy!!

Running to the next house...

These two are being brought down by their only known weakness: staying up past bedtime.

This house looks scary. We should check it out to see if they have candy!

Disney - have your people call my people and we'll get this movie deal knocked out!