There are days when I know Austin and Addie get bored hanging out with me. I am sure that they miss their friends from daycare. Thank goodness several live close enough that we can get together still. When Austin and Addie saw Gwendolyn enter the park area, it was like a movie. Slow motion running, arms open wide and 80s love music playing in the background (or maybe that was on the guy's iPod that was hanging out at the park too). To say that they love Gwendolyn is an understatement! And I'm pretty sure she loves them too.
Hanging on the slide before Gwenny arrived.

The obligatory "we love each other and like to hang out" pose...

The kids came up with this weird game. Run at each other, bump chests, then laugh hysterically. Whatever...

We took a walk around the nature trail and had to stop at EVERY park bench to take a picture.

And other park bench...

And another. I'll spare you the other 10 pictures of very similar scenes.

Austin and Addie were asleep the second we got into the car. So glad we could get together with Gwendolyn!
Random pics of twin play time at home. You know, just hanging out on the couch, playing with our phones.

Weston and Grayson stalking our neighbors that live behind us.