Rosenbaum Family Christmas

To kick off the holiday craziness, we headed to Cedar Hill for the Rosenbaum Family Christmas. Always so much fun and Margaret is always the perfect hostess!
She had little chairs set out for the boys - Margaret is one brave woman letting them use plates! The boys did really well but eventually figured out they could escape these chairs.

Margaret also set up fun games for us to play - like the marshmallow toss!

Austin kept slapping his head each time he missed. So freaking cute!

Addie had fun too - even though she didn't really get the speed thing.

Randy rocked the marshmallow toss. But I post this pic for another reason - check out the little munchkin thieving marshmallows and shoving them in his mouth.

After the marshmallow toss, the adults played a cup stacking game.

Margaret was ridiculously fast and completely smoked everyone. I was a distant second but I'll claim that!

Weston thought stabbing Daddy in the neck was a more fun game.

While we played games, Aunt Becky helped the kids with crafts.

We are so blessed to have so much family that is close by to celebrate!