We're 15 Months Old!

I've finally reached the stage where the boys won't sit still for more than two seconds for a picture - especially when I want them to! So here's the two part sock monkey pics.

We are absolutely loving this age. The boys are so active, trying to talk quite a bit more and are all around fun. They are busy, busy, busy and can have all of their toys out of drawers or the toy chest within 5.2 seconds.
Grayson and Weston are still eating champs. For the most part, they eat whatever is put in front of them. Gray has this incredible skill of completely vacuuming up anything that is on his tray. Weston likes to take everything on his tray and shove it into his mouth - storing it in his cheeks. He's practicing to be a squirrel when he grows up.
They are still really good sleepers. Gray and West sleep from about 7:15ish to 7:00 and are still taking 2 naps. The first nap is starting to get shorter so I'm sure they'll be dropping it soon.
Recently, I've noticed that they are playing a little more together. They will hide from each other behind curtains or roll a ball back and forth. They will definitely be BFF!

Why wouldn't he wear reindeer ears to play?

Grayson - you always have been and continue to be our crazy man! Whatever Austin is doing, you are right there trying to keep up! You like to climb on anything and everything. Walking isn't really your thing anymore - you like to RUN! And dang - you are fast.

You like to say Daddy and have started throwing Mommy in the mix more and more. Yay! You try to repeat words and like to look through books (when taking the rare break from sprinting).

You are starting to get 2 molars - ouch. It's caused you to be a drool machine but you're handling it pretty well!

Grayson - we love, love, love your spirit. You are loud and crazy and usually looking for something to get into. But you are sweet and like to blow kisses and have 100% captured our hearts.

Weston - we love the sound of your laugh - which is one of your fave things to do! You like to sit back and laugh at the things going on around you. You're getting really good at walking and have added climbing to your list of things to do.

One of the games you play is to point at things and ask "What's that?" It's fun to watch you explore the world! You also like to snuggle - but only for a little bit. You don't want to miss too much of what your brothers and sister are doing.
You're currently getting what seems like the rest of your teeth. Pretty sure last count it was 4 new ones. It's been rough on you and I'm ready for it to be over !

Weston - we love the sweet, shy smile you give us that quickly turns into a smile that breaks your cheeks because it's so big. You have such a gentle nature and we absolutely couldn't love you more!