R+F Convention!

It's official - I am in love with my business! I was so so excited to spend three days at Convention and learn all about our new, amazing product!

It was fun to get to meet a lot of the people I've chatted with over Facebook as well as other consultants who aren't part of my immediate "family."

Rachel and I during one of the sessions (sporting our R+F cowboy hats!)

Melanie, Rachel and I at dinner...

Oh you know - just hanging with my pal Amnon Rodan - chairman of R+F

Doctors Rodan and Fields...

And here it is - the new Macro Exfoliator!!! I waited in line for 2 hours to actually buy this thing - only because I wanted the immediate gratification of getting to use it! And it was 100% worth it - love this new tool!

At the gala - so much fun to get dressed up and fancy for a night!

This weekend was just a reconfirmation that John and I made the right decision in joining this company. It is led by such an amazing group of people and I'm so proud to be part of it!