We're 3 Years Old!

What?!? I have 3 year olds???? Every day I learn something new about them. Austin and Addie are little kids - no longer my toddlers! They can carry on conversations, sometimes even intelligent ones. They are either the best of friends or pushing each other's buttons. They are constantly looking for ways to get into trouble - usually Addie masterminding it and Austin being the brute strength. And through it all, I find more and more ways to love them (while simultaneously growing more gray hairs).

We started the morning with birthday muffins and the news (complete with Christmas jammies). Austin and Addie are definitely part of the picky eaters bunch although muffins are always a guarantee.

Potty training is still going well. We haven't taken away the pull ups at night but hopefully that will be coming soon. Addie loves public restrooms and makes sure to use one at any establishment we are at. Austin is a little more discerning on where he'll pee. Unless we're outside - then he'll pee anywhere.

These two love each other - as captured by the picture below. I'm going to show this to them next time an argument breaks out.

A new thing with them is dancing together - LOVE it. Addie likes to twirl and Austin is happy to oblige!

My 3 year old loves.

Once again - they love each other...

And another thing with the A-Team - monkey see monkey do!

Austin - you are my crazy, crazy boy! You have energy that seems never ending. You are loud and don't really believe in an inside voice. You like to play with cars, build up blocks just to knock them down and like jumping off the couch. You like to race with me and beat me quite a bit. You are pretty smart and pick things up quickly. As wild and crazy as you are, if it's bedtime, you are usually the first one in bed with your doggie. Lately you make your way to our room in the middle of the night to sleep with us. Usually this means that I end up about an inch of space to sleep in. And no matter how many times I roll away from you, you have to be laying on top of me. Not going to lie, some nights it's a little annoying. But as your daddy reminded me, you won't always want to snuggle with me. So I'll take it!

Addison - you are my sweet, sassy, opinionated little princess. Which some days, you remind me that your name is Princess, not Addie. You like to play with your dolls, baby your brothers and leap from couches with Austin. You are loud and crazy one minute, then can be chill. You like having your toenails painted and your hair braided - so blessed that God gave me a girl to do this with! Even though you might be a little stubborn sometimes, you have a sweet and giving heart.

Austin and Addison - we love you so much. Our lives were forever changed three years ago. I know everyone says it but time truly does pass by too quickly. We are so proud of the little people you are becoming and we're so grateful that God gave us the two of you! Happy birthday!