It was so nice to be lazy this morning and not have to rush out the door for church (well - as lazy as you can be with 4 kids). This Easter we hung out as a family before heading over to Jason and Ashley's to do dinner and an Easter egg hunt.

(Before I proceed - no judgement that everyone is wearing the same outfits as yesterday)

One of our many attempts to get a kid pic - Addie's having fun swinging her hair around.

Sadly this one might be the best I was able to get.

Everyone is ready to go for the big hunt!

Weston really believed in quality vs. quantity. He also didn't realize that he could take more than one. He kept picking up and egg and setting down the one that was already in his hand. Maybe next year he'll get it!

Addie sprinting for eggs!

The kids

An attempt at a pic with all the cousins

Jack and Jason  

Ashley and her boys

Grayson playing in the grass

Austin, Wyatt and bunny

Addie loves to swing!

Love this little man

Austin and his gorgeous blues

Weston swinging with Grandmom

What a devilish little smile!

The boys and their swords

Ashley and me

It was a perfect day - the weather was gorgeous and the company was fun. Loved that we could spend the day with family celebrating our Risen Savior!